a true icon is mourned today

heeey, heeey, heeey! that's what Fat Albert used to say back in the day. he dosen't say much anymore though. after the doctor diagnosed him with a serious heart condition and diabetes he got very dispondent and retreated back into the one thing that lead him to where he was:food. his eating spiraled out of control and his blood pressure was so high his head always felt like it was going to explode. he refused to take his insulin shots cuz according to him "that jus how da white man get mo money from da black man.". well, he ended up loosing circulation in both of his feet and having them amputated. his eyesight started to become increasingly blurry and he was then diagnosed with cataracts. now weighing well over 450 pounds with no feet and legally blind, Fat Albert had lost his will to live. on Jan. 20, 2009, his long time friend Mushmouth found Alphonso "Fat" Albert dead in his Harlem apartment due to an insulin overdose. by the amount of insulin in his system the coroner said that he must have been planning this for quite some time "you could have killed seven elephants with the amount e had in him! after the first 4 shots he gave himself he shold have been unconcious if not already dead. if i had to guess, i would have to say he gave himself around 20 shots." sadly, this sad tale of past stars is not over. Mushmouth has been on his own downword spiral, but this was the last straw. Mushmouth was arrested in North Carolina after being pulled over for erratic driving. the trooper could tell he was on some pretty strong drugs. a search of the van he was driving revealed 40 pounds of weed, 2 kilos of cocaine, and 100 8oz. bottles of LSD. the blood test showed Mushmouth had LSD, PCP, barbituates, and alcohol in his system. when reached for comment Mushmouth had this to say "imbba nobba guibbty obba diss cribba!" i have no idea what that means, but it was good to hear his voice clean and sober (i think). he is now serving a 10 year sentance for drug trafficing.

Uploaded 01/24/2009
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