A Whole Year

My boyfriend and I have been together for one year. Actually yesterday was the exact date and we totally forgot about it. My bf sent me an email from work to remind me. How sweet. A few months ago we had the idea to rent a hotel room to fuck all nite long and get room service and whatnot and for some reason we just didnt think do it. And theres nothing wrong going on either. We had a few fights in the past but recently, its been going more than good. And I have to admit that before him, I had never been in relationship for that long. The closest would be 10 months.

When I was younger, Id count every day, every week, every month of every new relationship. I could tell that I had been with a boyfriend for 5 months, 2 weeks and 3 days. So why the fuck would I forget the 1 year anniversary of my longest, best relationship ever? I have no idea.

My boyfriend and I (wich im not gonna tell you his name, its a french name and you wont understand shit) met at work. Not so special. We got hired on the same floor in different departments at the same time. A few of our training classes were together and since he had one side of his hair blue, I liked him before we even spoke. I saw him on breaks occasionnaly so I would go talk to him and he was this awesome guy who traveled around the world, worked for gamesworkshop and just so happened to have hundreds the figurines he painted in the warhammer magazine. He was the ultimate alpha-male of the geeks, the guy who can give you quotes out of Dune (harvest the spice - is his favorite), who will beat anyone at Risk, who pwns at Space Invaders.


And he had a fucking girlfriend. Some 19 yr old bisexual wanabe goth girl. She was so slutty, guys would come up to her and ask how much she charged, even tho she was with a guy. She posted hundreds of naked pics of herself on deviant art when she was 15. I knew that he didnt love her but couldnt pass on fucking her for a while. She was a total whore but damn she was hot.


Few months passed and he finally admitted to me that he was gonna dump goth-girl because he was tired of her messing around. He was showing growing interest in me and asking me to hang out after work very often but the problem was by then, I had met some guy and started dating him. Turns out the guy I was dating was furiously jealous of my coworker male friend. After he saw him once, he wanted to fight him over me. It made me really mad because im not a cheater and I really liked this guys. He was that hot guy id never dream about having that was crazy about me for some reason i didnt know. All fairytale magic bullshit.

I dated the asshole for 2 months before we had a huge fight. It was about everything: his drinking, my guy-friends, his father poking his nose in our business, my nagging about wearing a condom(he did but whine like a motherfucker each time).


And thats when he grabbed me by the throat and started choking me...


It was the only time I was happy to see his father show up. When he came in the living room, my ex let go of me. I was upset and mad and crying and asking what was his fucking problem. He ran out, I gathered my shit together and got the fuck out. I took my cell phone from my purse and without thinking, I call up my coworkers(now boyfriend) parents house because he told me he was there for the week end and gave me the number. He dropped everything he was doing and came right for me. He slept at my place that night to make sure id be safe if my ex ever showed up drunk and angry.


He never went back to sleeping at his own place. After 3 weeks of having mixed feeling about spooning a 'friend' what had to happen happened. We humped like bunnies and we still havent stopped.



Uploaded 07/29/2009
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