Ohayou, guys! It's obvious that America isn't what it used to be. Here's a well pointed out parody of the American food, that was featured on Ebaumsworld.


But it's not just American food that transformed like that. From the review, I took that New Daughter would be a deeply psychologistic movie, made with the help of a creative screen writer and Kevin Costner is playing the main character. Now this shit must be awesome! Wrong. I was so disappointed with this movie. I guess the trend for paying millions of dollars to famous actors so that they play in shit movies is a standard nowadays.

For those who didn't watch the movie, it's about a father who raises two kids alone, because his wife found a better model and left the family. Tomlet (played by Kevin Costner) has to deal with the sorrows of moving away to a small town, his writers block and his daughter's puberty. Now this is a good start, but the movie is loooong and boring. Nothing happens for like an hour and a half and it suddenly turns out that the girl is getting some ant people dick. Yep, I couldn't make this up. There's ANT PEOPLE there. The daughter found their home and it appears that they are the only attraction in the shitty town for her. The last 30 minutes of the movie is about how Kevin Costner wants to take his daughter back from the orgy in a hive full of ant people, and how he kills them. Wow, seriously? This is one of the dumbest, most shitty and pointless movie plots ever.

Why isn't there more movie directors like the brilliant Uwe Boll? He's a genius when it comes for making non-standard movies. He's also one of the few people who would make movies based on video game hits. The answer is simple - it's a risk for the producers. The film might be a flop even though it's spectacular. This means that there will be more crappy movie cliches wrapped around with actors you know and love, because that's how people roll in America.

Which is still a lot better than Canada, where they don't make any good movies because 90% of people there are lame and don't know how

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