Abortion in Arizona.

Abortion is always difficult to debate. No real ethical solution can be developed and there are a full spectrum of opinions. Well now Arizona has just made that problem even more bizarre. They just signed a law that says you can't abort based on race or sex of the fetus. So the law allows you to stop a human life as long as it is not a racial or sex based decision? What next political affiliation or economic standing?

If a State decides a woman has the right to terminate a fetus, what business is it of the State to determine what her decision is based on? Isn't that encroaching on freedom of thought? As far as I am concerned, abortion is usually carried out because of inconvenience. So now in the state of Arizona you can kill a fetus for being an inconvenience but not because it is a boy of East Indian descent? Are these people suffering from brain damage?

The only logical reason they would pass such a bizarre law would be to make the whole procedure more complicated and confusing to all involved. I don't like abortion, but I wouldn't force my opinion on a person confronted with this dilemma. To create laws of this nature conjures up a State full of deceit and hypocrisy.

Fucking sick bastards!
Uploaded 04/01/2011
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