Abortion, Nazis, Religion and Secularism

Even I will admit that comparing the Nazi's use of abortion to accomplish their agendas to the reasoning used today for the same procedure is offensive. It is meant to be, because I find the use of abortion today, to be just as offensive to me. I can eloquently state, that using it as birth control is morally wrong, and as we witnessed in GIJoe's blog. There was little or no argument on that point. The reason being obvious, to do so is lazy and self serving.

The problem today is, that is exactly why most abortions are performed. Yes, there are cases where the woman was raped, incest occurred or her life was threatened by carrying the baby, and I have little argument against them. The really screwy thing here is that we know most abortions are used as a birth control method and good reasons to abort the fetus are used to support it. That's messed up and if a society just lets it slip by to sage their guilt or pretend that is not the truth, then how is this different then the dynamics that occurred during the Nazi regime? 

Pro-life people are generally considered hard right conservative, religious fanatics. That is probably true, but an interesting observation might be made of the fact, Christopher Hitchens considered himself a Pro-Life activist. I do not consider abortion wrong from a religious stand point, in fact, religion has probably done more damage to the Pro-Life movement than they realize. The reason being their stance against contraceptives is hypocritical and therefore destroys their credibility. If they want to reduce abortions, then for God's sake, reduce unwanted pregnancy by any safe means available. I truly believe if a secular force, instead of a religious cause, had developed after Roe vs Wade, there would be less women having abortions as a birth control method. Unfortunately, secular forces don't take up moral challenges, they tend to concentrate their efforts against those that do. 
That tide might be changing as the following video portrays.

Uploaded 07/31/2012
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