About all the marines,war,etc comments going on

I have been watching this giant argument unfold right in front of my eyes and I am still in disbelief at all of you. "IGNORANCE, IGNORANCE, IGNORANCE, IGNORANCE," Is that all you people can say when you don't like someone's comment? Jesus tap dancing Christ! I swear, the second one of you guys read something that you don't like, you immediately label them as being ignorant. I love the military, I am extremely proud of my uncle for serving in Iraq, and I am damn proud of every single man or woman that joined the Armed Services. Although, certain people on this site that are members of our Army really grind my gears. Nobody gives a flying fuck that WOW wore that military jacket! He/she can do whatever they fucking want and you better damn well honor that. No member of the Armed Services should ever be that blunt towards the people that they are "guarding" when it's none of their fucking business. Why the hell don't you bitch at the marine who sold his precious blue uniform instead of someone that had no clue what was going on. Obviously it's not that great of an honor to have it if one of the guys gave it away. Also, taeven (i think your name is something like that) where the fuck do you get off saying "Shut the hell up, sit down and enjoy the comfort I and all of my brothers and sisters provide."?! I'm sorry, were you fighting during the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, World War I, World War II? Also, "enjoy the comfort .... sisters provide" so....what? Are you paying my electric bills or are you buying me a couch to which I can relax in? Did you storm the beaches of Normandy? Did you beat off the British? You guys do, what I like to call "maintainence". You guys are maintaining what we have. You are not providing anything to me. But all that aside, I respect you with every inch of my body. I am extremely proud of each and every one of you guys. I just don't think that someone that has never seen battle has any right to tell me that your defending me. You may not take credit for what someone else has done. Example: You can not be a mailman at an army base and reap the same benefits as someone that was in a fight and died/killed for his country. Although, you are probably going to read my blog and immediately think that I "know nothing". For all I know, you guys could have been in every firefight that has occured and you could have killed thousands of insurgents/terrorists. I just hate when one person bitches at another person and labels them ignorant just because they have a different view.

But...whatever, I know you guys are still going to try and rip me apart and I don't care. I still can't wait for Kaustic to write another huge ass blog telling everyone that I'm "ignorant and that I'm just telling lies". I just want to see if a member of the Armed Services can take a little criticism and we'll see how truly simple minded people can get. DO NOT PERCEIVE THIS AS A HATE MESSAGE TO ARMED SERVICE MEMBERS. I DON'T HATE ANYONE IN THE ARMED SERVIES, NOR HAVE I EVER HATED ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER. TAKE THIS INTO ACCOUNT FROM ALL ANGLES AND THEN YOU WILL SEE THIS ISSUE FROM ALL SIDES.


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