About Me (revised)

- I'm not very lovable, although I'm friendly and easy to get along with and I have great social skills.

- I'm not a free spirit. My stop mechanism works much more often than my go mechanism but I fit in just fine the way I am.

- I used to think women were the most awesome thing in the world. Now that I've done it all and pretty much figured them out, meh.


- My son's mother shook him and caused him to have brain damage when he was only two months old and I ended up taking the wrap for it by chance based on how things went down. It's a long story.

- I once gave her 14 orgasms with my tongue. That's how you taste the rainbow.

- She's dead now but I still fantasize about her.

- She died right in front of me and before I could process my grief I was already thinking about the possibility of my son's grandparents trying to take him from me. But they can suck it. It's difficult for me to give hugs but I'm a good father.


- I'm having a revelation about being a father. I used to take too much responsibility for my son and I was over-protective and I criticized too much. Now I'm realizing that he has to find his own way and that he needs gentler guidance. He's teaching me everyday that life is art and not a perfect science. Now I try to encourage him by focusing more on positive things because negativity robs people of enthusiam. And enthusiasm is so important to success.

- He has no lasting symptoms from the shake but he inhereted his ADHD from his mother and grandfather. It's rediculous how much he is like his mother, emotional, spontanious, and head strong in a good way.


- I remarried because I thought it would be good for my son. I realized when she left us that remarrying did more harm than good.

- My ex-wife pinky swore that we would do whatever we had to do to have a baby. But when I told her that we had to downgrade her car, she bailed. She was still chatting with other men online the entire time we were married but I didn't make a big deal out of it because I'm not insecure. So, I'm a bit cynical, having figured out how quickly people bail on their committments when they are "not happy."

- I've also learned that I need to take care of me and my son first and I refuse to get stressed out trying to make somebody else happy anymore.

- She farted on my balls several times while having sex, that stupid whore. But I hope she gets everything she ever dreamed of because I damn sure am.


- I'm working on lots of research and becoming a super genius.

- I can see through 3 feet of bullshit.

- I'm clever but slow. I tend to think of something good to say long after it was appropriate to say it. I say it anyway because I like to make people feel uncomfortable.

- One of my favorite things is personal development.

- I am an INTJ.

- I keep things organized and I maintain to do lists and schedules.


- I make very careful decisions.

- I'm always 10 steps ahead of people who try to be my enemy. Eventually, they figure out that they can't win.

- I live in a trailer I bought for $1,000 and made livable for about $2,000.

- I'm getting by on foodstamps, survivor benefits, and student loans.

- I'm in the process of simplifying my life as much as possible so I can dedicate my life to building my memory system and testing it to failure.


- I'm studying for a degree in finance and accounting with the hopes of going into corporate finance after getting a master's degree.

- After graduating, I will continue living below my means so that I can retire early if I want to.


- I'm an atheism activist and a devout humanist.

- My greatest influences are The Dahli Lama, Sun Tzu, Bruce Lee, Warren Buffet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ayn Rand, Will Smith, and Michael Jordan.


- I think poor sleep habits is the root cause of most of the problems in my life.

- I believe being happy has everything to do with being positive and having an internal locust of control.

- I believe sometimes life sucks but it's worth it.

- I believe problems are a great test of a person's mettle.

- I believe nobody can live a perfect life and thus every life is a work of art.

- I believe my life could've been in shambles if I didn't take responsibility for my results and stop blaming others, wallowing in teen angst. It's not 90% how you respond to it. It's all about how you respond to it.


- I'm not particularly good at anything because I spent too much of my life trying to decide what I wanted to do with it. I seem to have the beginning of lots of different talents. I also seem to try too hard to make the perfect decision so I spend too much time planning.


- Outward appearances would make me look like a loser at this point in my life, but like I said, I have an internal locust of control and I don't let other people's expectations phase me. The way I live my life right now is the result of calculated decisions.

- I'm trying to create as large a gap as possible between how successful I am financially and how much I actually spend by approaching my career as a hobbie and learning to appreciate the little things.


- I have many, many songs memorized but that's just because I like them. I barely listen to music anymore because I'm always contemplating things and I am entertained by my own thoughts.


- I don't care about celebrities. I like their work and sometimes it's entertaining to hear about their lives but I don't think I'd ever be star struck. There's a few beautiful women I might be a bumbling idiot around though. I think certain celebrities would have some very fascinating answers to questions such as "Do you consider yourself successful?", "If so, how do you feel about your success?", "What's you're favorite quote?", "Do you believe in balance?", "How do you feel about taking risks?" and "Did you ever feel like giving up for a significant length of time?"


- I just got a cat for my son, but secretly, it's for me. I'm taking baby steps to see how lovable and patient I can be. As I type this, he is sleeping between my arms on my desk. Every so often, he looks up and stares at my face and then gives me a little kitten kiss and goes back to sleep on the towel I keep in front of me for him to sleep on.


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