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Sorry if the title is're not getting shit about my personal life save for the fact that I'm so full of awesomeness it overflows and seeps out, making anything I touch turn to pure awesome.


No, the point of my little ramble here is about my fellow users of ebaums. Whenever one of you leave a comment or a post that I have found particularly interesting or funny (or you've pissed me off and I'm sizing you up) I generally visit your profile pages.


One of my favorite things to look at on other people's profile is the "About Me" section. Some of you are very creative in what you've put. I've had some of the best laughs from this site come from the "About Me" blurbs that you people put down. Bravo to all who have gone that extra mile to make me laugh. I have personally begun changing mine every few days. Who knows if anyone notices; its still fun to scraw pure shit for people to accidently find. Have any of you come across any good ones? I've found my fair share of re-visits to look for updated silliness, and it usually pays off.


So I emplore you to check out the "About Me" sections of your ebaum's commerads. They're normally pretty good, although I'm not really a fan of that whole 'Goals' thing people are doing. (What's up with that, anyway?)


Anyway, no real points of piss-me-offs to share tonight. We're snowed in here today, so I was unable to travel out into the world in search of assholes to write about. So, unless you wanna hear about what the cats did or why Hamburger Helper sucks the ass of a donkey, this is what you're stuck with to read.


Thanks all. Enjoy your days and have good nights!


-The Big Bad


Uploaded 12/21/2008
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