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My best achievement in life is never having killed anyone. My nickname refers to my avatar not what most people usually think of. My avatar is not there to make you think I am morbid, I use it as a symbol of injustice. Let him dangle is a song about injustice from Elvis Costello.
I love beer, wine, beautiful women and old cars. I don't like television, the pretentious green movement, and discussions involving the private lives of celebrities. I seek truth, justice, freedom and good food. I loath war,capitalism without democracy and socialism with totalitarianism. I want a world based on capitalism with democracy in a just and open society. Three books I liked are A Little History of The World, Shock Therapy and Lincoln by Gore Vidal.
Today's pop music sucks with a few exceptions, for some strange reason I enjoy Lady Gaga. Enjoy lots of punk songs like God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols. Yes is my favorite band. Like going to work as a carpenter then returning home to a cold Sapporo beer!
Prefer American politics to Canadian because all the crap that happens there will happen here after. So it gives me some warning. I hope the USA climbs out of the dumpster in the next few years and becomes healthy and strong, but I am afraid for her.

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