About Me

Everyone else did it... yadda yadda yadda...

- The closest I've ever come to meeting a celebrity is seeing Anna Olsen's (from the Canadian Food Network) husband cooking on their incredibly huge barbecue, while walking pass the house that one of her shows is shot at.   I almost saw Anna Olsen at our local farmer's market a few times, but never stayed interested enough to stick around much after buying produce.

- I have only seen my parents fight once in my entire life.  It was during the only time I have ever seen my mother seriously try to quit smoking.  She also went on to try and kill herself... some of those quit-smoking medications have serious side effects.

- If my mother didn't smoke I wouldn't have been conceived.  When just before my mother turned 35 her doctor told her that she either had to quit or be taken off of her birth control.  My mother had me, her first child at the age of 35.

- I lived in a trailer twice.  Once for a month, once for a couple weeks.  

- I have never been employed full-time.  But I have owned my own small business.

- I believe in ghosts, but not God.  The only way this makes sense in my brain is to rely only on what I've seen.

- There was never a time in my life where I did not own at least one cat.

- I have 4 tattoos, and two piercings.

- My ears are not pierced.

- At 12 years old, I watched a good friend of mine die.  It's probably the only thing I refuse to blog about.

- My favourite colour is grey... I am also a very proud practitioner of the Canadian way of spelling things.

- I believe I am addicted to marijuana, if not chemically, I am certainly addicted to being high. (I'm smoking a joint while I write this)

- The relationship I'm in now, is the longest relationship I've ever been in, including my short engagement.  My boyfriend is 11 years older than me, and the only one of boyfriends my father has ever carried on a conversation with.  I could write a whole blog on why I love him as much as I do, but people have been complaining about my blog lengths...

On that note... that's stuff about me.

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