About time someone did something about Gas Companies

This is from a friend of mine.  She's the Wife of a Lawyer.... They picked the wrong person to screw with:


I am a long time happy customer of Hess and cardholder.  That is why I feel obligated to write to tell you of my experience last week, on Friday, June 24th, at 2:19PM,  at the Hess station in  (edit out address).  My surprise over my first ever incident using your service stations, was both of poor service combined with unsafe conditions. 


My nature is not to complain, and being in the customer service business for over 30 years I was flabbergasted at the response when I spoke to the manager at the station.  The attendant had just overfilled my car with gas, which was spewing out of the gas tank, it made my car stall 4 times in a matter of minutes, and the response from the manager at my request to have the bill adjusted for the amount of gas that should have gone in, was met with the response of Well call the police.  Which is exactly what ensued.   Let me back up just a bit.  When the attendant went to service my car I heard him clicking the nozzle about 5 or 6 times before he had the gas flowing, I thought it odd, but, continued looking for items in my purse.  I had needed to fill half a tank of gas, as I was off on a long car trip.  My tank holds approx. 18 gallons of gas, so I figured, it should register about 9 gallons.  It seemed to be taking quite long, so I looked up at the pump and saw 15 gallons, then 16 gallons, as my eyes focused on the numbers, then I looked into my outer rear view mirror to see the gas spewing out of the tank.  At this point the attendant who was on the other side of the pump did come over and turned off the pump, and proceeded without a word to wash down my vehicle and clean off the gas.  Well that was great, but then, he handed me the receipt for 16.272 gallons of gas at a cost of $61.17.  I said that I was not going to pay for half a tank that went to the ground.  He said I must talk to the manager.  I asked that the manager be called to come outside and talk to me, as I had luggage etc, in the car and was not going inside the store.  He left to get the manager who was inside the store portion of the station.  While he went inside to get him, I decided to pull up to the store area so that I could free up the pump.  To my shock, my car stalled upon pulling into the parking space.  I turned the car on again and it started to shake and stalled again.  Again I tried, again it shook and turned off.  It stalled 4 times in a matter of minutes.  Now upset that my car may have been damaged by a flooding the carburetor or tank the manager came out to speak with me.  I told him that I had expected to put in only about 8 gallons and that 16 were put in and overflowed the tank, and furthermore the car was now stalling out from driving from the pump to the store front door.  He immediately said no way that only half a gallon came out, that he would not refund for a half tank and that the gas was tested, etc, and the quality of the gas would not make my car stall.  I was not speaking of the quality of the gas, just the mere fact that the car was reacting to something once it had been overfilled.  He proceeded to tell me to call the police.  Which we both did.  I was more worried at this point that damage was done to the car, and had now called my husband who insisted that I remain to make certain a police report was filed in case there were damages done.  When the police arrived he went straight to the manger and they seemed to have already decided that there was only ½ gallon of gas that came out.  The manager admitted that the nozzle was faulty and agreed to refund me $8.00.  Now that I was delayed even more for my trip, and I could see these two men did not want to hear what I was saying, I did take the adjustment and left the premises.  My ride lasted 6 ½ hours and thank goodness no stalls once I hit the road.  However, it did give me a long chance to think about what did happen to those extra gallons of gas.  There is no way you could have even put 15 gallons in if ½ gallon spilled out.  Once I realized that, I did call on Monday to Weights and Measures as I was certain that the pump must not be calibrated correctly.  Perhaps many people are being taken advantage of with this broken nozzle.  They did call me back and visited the station on Tuesday morning, and issued a warning to the station and closed down the pump which I used, Pump 2, as well as another.  He reported to me that there seems to be a leak in the tank underground, which is not measured through the nozzle of the pump.  If that is the case, then there may be many hundreds if not thousands of gallons of gas being leaked, causing not only inflated costs to customers, but a huge hazard if anyone nearby ignites a match, etc.  The Weights and Measures thanked me for calling, and hopefully, I was able to save someones life or severe injury.  I wanted to be certain that you were aware of the situation as the field representative and said that this malfunction had not been reported though the manger had told Weights and Measures that it had.


Two days later, I was just above ¾ of a tank full.  I stopped by a different Hess station in (location edited out) and filled up.  Needing almost a full quarter of a tank more, my tank was filled with 15 gallons.  I know there is no way that at a ½ tank my car could have taken in over 16 gallons.  Customers should not be treated as though we are fools.  I can guarantee that I will never use that station again, even though it has been our preferred station for many years. 


I thank you for your time and attention to this matter and welcome your call or any questions regarding this incident.


Most sincerely,
(Contact information edited out)


LMAO.... wow  go get em' girl!

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