Actual seriousness.

This blog has a far more serious note. I just went through the soundboard section and I notice that there are a lot of comments with a lot of phone numbers posted on them.

I am only saying something because this could become a large problem for ebaums in the future. I am an IT tech and I preach security left and right. It is very easy to find personal information on someone just with their phone number. There exist a few sites that for a small fee you have acess to their directory which contains the listing for every phone company. It is called reverse lookup. If you have numbers in your cellphone with no names to them it is only a webage away to find out who called you. I am not going to name the site names because it is a personal security problem and if you want to know more than you have to find them yourselves.

I just see a lot of problems arising from those comments. I petition those to be removed and constantly filtered from off of this site if not for legal reasons(and there are many) but because a lot of them are nothing but cyberbullying/cyberharassment, both of which are now considered serious crimes.

I have tons of information on this subject so if you have questions feel free to ask.

Lets take care of this before it becomes a problem.

Uploaded 10/13/2008
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