Adam met Sally

Adam met sally on return flight to his home town, they chatted the entire flight home. Before they departed Adam ask Sally for her phone number and that's when the fun began.

 For the first week Adam couldn't stop thinking of Sally, just the thought of her made his raging cock drip cum. After a week of jacking off nonstop Adam built the courage to call Sally. The phone rang three times and went to voice mail sorry I missed your call leave please leave your number and Ill call you back. Adam decided to hang up, as he set the phone down on his nightstand it begins to ring, Sally was calling back. Adam answers hello Sally responded Hello, I missed your call. Adam stood silent for the moment than began to introduce himself Hi, Sally this is Adam we met on the plane remember me Sally lets out a giggle and says I was wondering if you were ever going to call me. Adam asked Sally hey is you doing anything tonight I feel like have dinner but I don't want to go alone are you up for something to eat. Sally giggled again and said sure, what time? Adam said he would pick her up in about two hours. Adam arrives at Sally's small apartment and knocks on the door, Adams jaw almost met his chest to see Sally opening the door wearing a satin silk dress, the top being held up by her large supple breast, she couldn't wear a bra with that dress on , all Adam kept thinking of was how her nipples looked, were they large with small areolas or cute little nipples with semi large areolas, Adam had to slide his cock to the side of his pant leg to prevent him from sticking out, pleasure in pain. They sat down at a really nice table in a upscale restaurant sally without hesitation looked at Adam and asked if he was going to have a drink to begin with so they could get time to catch up before the main course arrived, Sally ordered a strawberry and passion fruit Bellini, as Adam just wanted a simple German Riesling hopefully the wine would calm his nerve, out of spontaneous reaction, Sally leans forward and grabs Adams drink, Adams eyes stated locked on Sally's breast as she bent forward, getting a peek inside of Sally's dress. Her breast creamy white her areolas slightly exposed, his cock was about to erupt, out of panic he excuses himself to the restroom, still fully erect he splashes water on his face and enters the bathroom stall, unzipping his pants his cock lunges out rock stiff the head of his shaft protruding small bits of cum, he cant even piss correctly. After he finishes pissing his dick stays flaccid, he washes his hands and takes his seat next to sally again, noticing Sally had already finished her drink he waves down the waiter to bring her another, as he grabs his drink, the main course arrives with Sally's second drink they continue idle chit chat. She asked Adam what he did for a living he explains to her its boring, but she still insist to know, he tells her he is a market researcher for the development of ultra small micro-processors, she rolls her eyes and says so you work with computers and stuff. Adam laughs and says pretty much. They finish their meal and Adam takes her back to her place, as they are bidding their good nights her heel gets stuck on a crack and she falls to one knee, as her arms wrap around Adams leg. The same leg his throbbing cock pressed against, as she is helping herself up she can feel the bulge with her ring and middle finger. She slowly presses them up his cock, Adam at this point takes a large breath to sustain him. Sally stands up and presses herself against Adams body, and whispers in his ear would you like to come inside, speechless Adam nodes his head as she grabs his arm and pulls him into the apartment

Adam beings to kiss sally as sally pushes Adam into the bed. Adam pulls down Sally's dress exposing her large soft breast her nipples harden as he slowly being to caress them. Sally unbuttons Adams shirt and Adam quickly holds onto Sally, he tells her stop I don't have a condom Sally rolls over to her corner table and takes out a brand new condom. Adam being to stand up to reach for the condom, Sally raises her foot and pushes Adam down onto the bed again holding him down with her leg. She unwraps the condom and places it in her mouth, Adam lays his head back as Sally mouth grips Adams raging rock hard cock slowly rolling the condom down with her teeth and tongue, Adam grabs Sally and turns her on her back holding on to her lower thighs as he thrust his hard length into Sally's cute little wet pussy, Sally was completely shaved no hair smooth as cream as he rubbed her thumb right above her vagina, Sally holding in her breath as Adam being to fuck her harder and harder, her face cringes Adam moves his head to her right nipple and begins to suck on her soft supple tit and his left hand rises to caress the left breast. Sally wraps her arms and legs around Adams entire body as if holding on for dear life, Adam begins to fuck her even harder and harder sally finally has to kick Adam away to get a rest, but Adam has wanted his for so long all those days of jerking off has placed Adam in a lust frenzy, he drops down to his knees and pulls sally's pussy into his face, holding onto her inner thigh so she wouldn't resist, he rubs his face on her bald soft lower mid section and then begins to lick her clit, sally lets out a ohh in pleasure, Adam begins to nibble on her clit even more, as sally squirms around Adams dick grows harder, he finally pins her arms down and brings to fuck her cute little pussy again, kissing her neck as he thrust, he whispers in sally's ear I'm going to cum, Sally whispers back cum hard for me, cum hard!

 Adam finishes off as Sally passes out from all the excitement, grabs his belongings and leaves a note on her nightstand we should do this again love Adam.
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