Adventures of a Freight Transport Technician...

...Specializing in Open Air Commodities.

Sounds better than "flatbed truck driver," huh?

Anyway, so I got a job to replace the one I got run off from, and now I'm working for Arrow Trucking of Tulsa, OK. Do a Google search on them for some fun reading on how bad they are, supposedly, and how much of a pussy most of the complainers are. It's good entertainment however you take it.

My take, so far, is they have let themselves become disorganized as they grew huge in the last decade or so. It's nothing that can't be worked around, or fixed, if they so choose. Really though, I'm just hoping to tough it out for a year or so and move on. If freight would start picking up some more, alot of their kinks would iron themselves out, it seems.

I actually got laid over here in Albuquerque this weekend, but I gotta head out tomorrow, taking a load from Arizona over to Missouri. Fun times. A little R&R and fixing the little headaches, etc. and back out to the salt mines.

I wish I could be more verbose, but the pod I'm at closes in half an hour and I'm trying to catch up alot right now. If anybody wants to get ahold of me, PM me and I can forward a number or something maybe.

Green lights, blue skies, and happy trails...

Uploaded 06/20/2009
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