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Some of you may have been saying, hey...where the hell is thegodlyone? I miss him and if I don't hear from him soon I'm gonna pull a GG Allen (look him up). Or ya didn't...but...meh whatever.

��� The reason that I haven't been on is essentially constant guitar and band practice. Now I tell you this because it leads up to our latest show. This show was incredible. There were pits going on all over the place and our music isn't even all that heavy. I tell you this because there is one necessity on stage. Energy. I've ben experminenting with all sorts of ways ot get the crowd pumped and moving and it's a very simple answr. Pure energy. Jumping around on stage, doing random shit. It fuckin works. Hell, our keyboardist(in the middle of a song) said FUCK IT! and dove into the pit. I was standing up on the ledge playing a solo and my singer was freaking out all over the place...that'll happen when you snort a caffiene pill. Fuckin moron. Alas, I'm pretty much just bragging about my show. I don't even care, it was fantastic and the best time of my life. Sadly bluenote and ell aren't around much anymore so they won't be able to second my opinion.


thegodlyone has spoken and says you should check out the band city watch on myspace

Uploaded 12/14/2008
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