Affection has no boundaries

My junior year of high school I got kicked out of the current school I was going to and was force to go to a court continuation school but that's another blog!


During my time at this school I flew by like a fighter jet on clear skies, the classes thought you simple math 2+2 bullshit. I met this girl that was taken the same journalism course I was taking she confronted me after she heard a free write story I did on writing a children's style book the title of the story was the Boy who lost his shoe. Amazing how I can still remember that I was into doing a lot of fucking drugs at the time, I even wrote it while blazing my balls! But she really enjoyed my story, here is we're the kicker comes in she had a translator she was deaf. Her translator told her my story because I was chosen by force by the teacher to read my story out loud! After I told my story she turned around with a notepad and pencil at hand and tossed the note pad at me she had written on it, Wow that was amazing where did you come up with that? I wrote back in the note pad that I was stoned off my ass and it was all of the top of my head! She grabbed the notepad and read it. The expression her face was priceless. She slowly turned her head at me with her eyes wide open and her jaw dropped. Then she wrote her email address on the paper, I asked her why she wrote down her email on the paper and why would she want me to have this she told that she found me extremely interesting and she would love to hang out some time at the time I had my drivers license and my own car a old 87 supra hatch I bought for 800 bucks with the money I made working at a shitty grocery store. 


My feelings for her were so strange what do you do with a girl you can't really talk to without a notepad and pen, she was very good looking milky white skin, blonde and black hair, girls with crazy hair styles is a turn on for me :) , and she had a tongue piecing which added more of a hormonal process of thinking for 16 year old boy with sexual fantasies! So I emailed her and I decided to pick her up at her house and drive her to a pool hall to play some billiards, this place was the hang out places for a lot of the kids my age it still open till this day it's called " the cue club". so when I picked her up I got to meet her parents who were really nice people as I waited for her to wake down the stairs of her house, she looked so stunning in a black dress and a notepad in hand which was a sign of relief for me ! I looked at her parents and told them we would be back early, the first hour of us getting to the pool hall was amazing just writing little comments on a notepad and taking turns shooting the cue around, I got hungry and offered her to go to a awesome pizza place right next to the pool hall, we shared a pizza and some fries, then she grabbed the notepad and wrote a shocking comment it stated " hey take me somewhere  we can spend some alone time " it shocked me but also but a grin on my face I wrote back I have the perfect place I drove out pass Hollywood street  close to the mountain tops people called it the " view" it was a nice dirt road that lead to a awesome view of Las Vegas, We sat on a huge boulder together, were she took the first step and began to kiss me, I grabbed the notepad and wrote "wait I think this is going really fast to soon" the next thing she wrote shocked the shit out of me I was a young horny kid with nothing but sex on the mind and a girl that was deaf and it was really turning me on !


 She wrote on the note pad " shut up and kiss me " so I did her comment made me feel  like a bitch she grabbed me and started Frenching me she began to undo my pants at that time I was so dumbfounded she began unzipping my pant then grabbed my left hand and placed it on her chest, and then grabbed my right hand and placed it in her dress, at this point I'm hot and bothered I have one hand softly caressing her boobs and the other slowly moving under her panties, her tongue in my mouth, one thing lead to another and we finished fucking in my car, as the night fell on a awesome scenery of Las Vegas, I took her home and kissed her goodnight, I ended up dating her for one month, it was the weirdest month of my life, banging and dating a deaf chick, too bad it was only a month I got to go back to my school and we ended all ties ! It gave me a new perspective on life you don't have to talk to a person to be in a relationship with! I guess affection has no boundaries! 

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