AHHHH....It still feels good

Yeah...not being knocked up is the best. And with my mom here to entertain the 2 year old I can still blog if I type with one hand. so please excuse the typing errors...

In addition to having my powers back:

It feels so good to sit down and be able to take a shit. Well, after I stopped shitting blood antways. Instead of straining for 10 minutes to squeeze out a few little rabbit turds, now it comes out like butter.

I still piss my pants everytime I cough, sneeze or laugh. Or walk too fast. Hopefully that doesnt last forever.

I feel pretty horny and I am looking forward to sex in 5 more weeks. Not untill after the neutering though--I dont want to be in this situation ever again!

Besides, having sex with me right now would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway...

Like ringing a dinner bell...

Like throwing a pencil down a mine shaft...

You know , like when a spoon spins around in an empty jar of mayonaise...

I am Bitch...and I am a MILF...Thanks for reading

Uploaded 03/20/2009
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