AIM prank


I contained the actual links from the conversation. Click at your own risk! (the first is just a ham tho i promise.... the 2nd... is sick lol)



So recently, my boredom and my want to prove that guys are pathetic, me and a friend recently took it upon ourselves to pose as young girls, get guys all hot and horny, mess with their heads and when asked for a link to our hot 16 year old bodies, we simply provide them with a picture of a very flacid penis. This is one i was toying with last night. ENJOY!

Im RoxyBaby9D


SeesAllEye (11:11:46 PM): Hello
RoxyBaby9D (11:12:22 PM): Heyyy asl?
SeesAllEye (11:12:32 PM): 29/m/Mex, and you?
RoxyBaby9D (11:13:05 PM): 16/f/miami!
SeesAllEye (11:13:33 PM): wow ... oh gee ... and how's the weather treating you?
RoxyBaby9D (11:13:51 PM): Ugh, its so nice here
SeesAllEye (11:14:02 PM): it isn't raining and with strong winds?
RoxyBaby9D (11:14:24 PM): Eh, its rly not that bad hurr
SeesAllEye (11:15:03 PM): maybe you're used to it, and besides the cyclon is on the Gulp of Mexico
SeesAllEye (11:16:25 PM): sorry if I'm intruding
RoxyBaby9D (11:16:45 PM): Not at all!
SeesAllEye (11:17:01 PM): oh whewww .. I feared I had interrupted something.
RoxyBaby9D (11:17:53 PM): Lyk wut?
SeesAllEye (11:18:03 PM): like homework or watching tv
SeesAllEye (11:18:17 PM): lol ... what else did you think? :-)
RoxyBaby9D (11:18:43 PM): IDK, what i normally do when im bored
SeesAllEye (11:19:05 PM): mmm ... you let my imagination wonder ;-)
RoxyBaby9D (11:19:18 PM): Want a hint? ;-)
SeesAllEye (11:19:24 PM): aha :-)
RoxyBaby9D (11:19:39 PM): It involves, a banana, some lube, and a gently used ham
SeesAllEye (11:19:57 PM): mmm ... gee ... would you let me help you?
RoxyBaby9D (11:20:24 PM): Well u no what they say.... Its better with a friend!
SeesAllEye (11:20:25 PM): what is the ham for?
RoxyBaby9D (11:20:34 PM): Ugh! If u have to ask you dont wanna no
SeesAllEye (11:20:42 PM): then I'd be willing to be with you now :-)
SeesAllEye (11:20:59 PM): (no ham though, lol)
RoxyBaby9D (11:21:00 PM): *sigh* too bad your allllll the wayyyyyyy in mexicooooooo
RoxyBaby9D (11:21:09 PM): o but the ham is the best part!
SeesAllEye (11:21:29 PM): yeah ... sigh ... but we could imagine being together ... you're already getting me so ... so .. you know :-[
SeesAllEye (11:21:38 PM): then yuo could tell me what the ham is for
RoxyBaby9D (11:21:50 PM): Aww ur so cute!
SeesAllEye (11:21:59 PM): (I am so hard now ... so fast)
SeesAllEye (11:22:10 PM): you are even cuter :-)
RoxyBaby9D (11:22:29 PM): Dang that wasnt hard at all!
RoxyBaby9D (11:22:32 PM): Turning you on that is
SeesAllEye (11:23:09 PM): well, I was kinda horny when I signed on and then ... imagining you were also turned me on faster
RoxyBaby9D (11:23:31 PM): Aww
SeesAllEye (11:23:41 PM): gee ... I am so hard, would you want me to let it out for you?
RoxyBaby9D (11:23:57 PM): Oh please do, i have this ham to keep me moist
SeesAllEye (11:24:26 PM): mmmm .. sounds like fun ... what are you wearing yourself?
RoxyBaby9D (11:24:42 PM): Sorry btw! All my friends say im kind of a freek!
SeesAllEye (11:24:54 PM): because of the ham?
RoxyBaby9D (11:25:07 PM): That and other thingsssss......
SeesAllEye (11:25:18 PM): lol .... hey, it's out now
RoxyBaby9D (11:25:19 PM): Im wearing socks.... just sucks
SeesAllEye (11:25:39 PM): mmm ... wow .... I'd love to see you ... and come to caress you all over
SeesAllEye (11:25:52 PM): and you're fingering yourself?
RoxyBaby9D (11:26:03 PM): Noope :-)
SeesAllEye (11:26:13 PM): do you want me to touch my thing for you?
RoxyBaby9D (11:26:23 PM): PLz do!
SeesAllEye (11:26:35 PM): k ... I wish it were your hand on it ... mmm
SeesAllEye (11:26:53 PM): mmm ... I'm holding it now, it's so hard and hot
RoxyBaby9D (11:27:02 PM): Mmmm thats nice
SeesAllEye (11:27:25 PM): yeah, I like to be telling you about it ...would you want to se and touch it?
SeesAllEye (11:27:43 PM): you could be holding it ... and doing whatever you wanted with it
RoxyBaby9D (11:27:53 PM): I want to bite it
RoxyBaby9D (11:27:55 PM): not hard!~
SeesAllEye (11:28:10 PM): mmm ... you could do that, as long as it doesn't hurt
RoxyBaby9D (11:28:32 PM): It wont at first
RoxyBaby9D (11:28:36 PM): whats your fantasy?
SeesAllEye (11:28:53 PM): mmm ... I have no special fantasy, do you?
RoxyBaby9D (11:29:05 PM): Ugh! you neeeeeeeed a fantasyyy
SeesAllEye (11:29:06 PM): but I do like to see pics of naked girls
SeesAllEye (11:29:20 PM): maybe I do have them when I see the pics
SeesAllEye (11:29:35 PM): do you have any pics?
RoxyBaby9D (11:30:23 PM): I only have 1 pic haha and its for me
SeesAllEye (11:30:23 PM): I am throbbing now
SeesAllEye (11:30:35 PM): can't I see it? what is it of?
SeesAllEye (11:30:47 PM): do you want me to search for one in the Internet?
RoxyBaby9D (11:31:04 PM): Search for wut?
SeesAllEye (11:31:10 PM): for a pic
SeesAllEye (11:31:17 PM): of a naked girl
RoxyBaby9D (11:31:30 PM): Mmm i dont rly lyk naked girlz lolols
SeesAllEye (11:31:55 PM): hahaha .. yes, you're right, but I wouldn't like to search for one of a naked guy
SeesAllEye (11:32:09 PM): why can't I see the pic yu have?
RoxyBaby9D (11:32:11 PM): Hehe its okay!
RoxyBaby9D (11:32:18 PM): I dont think youd find it sexy like id o
RoxyBaby9D (11:32:22 PM): i do*
SeesAllEye (11:32:26 PM): we could try
RoxyBaby9D (11:32:32 PM): Alright....
SeesAllEye (11:32:37 PM): thanks
SeesAllEye (11:32:56 PM): I'm going to the site
RoxyBaby9D (11:33:04 PM): Alright!
SeesAllEye (11:33:15 PM): you're right, it's not sexy for me ... but it's apetizing, lol
RoxyBaby9D (11:33:29 PM): Haha sorry! mmmm its so... thinly sliced
SeesAllEye (11:33:30 PM): I'd rather look at the pic of a girl, lol
RoxyBaby9D (11:33:38 PM): I just want to get wet all over it
SeesAllEye (11:33:47 PM): yeah, it's ok, but maybe when I prepare a sandwich
RoxyBaby9D (11:33:58 PM): Haha you know what i want to do
RoxyBaby9D (11:34:16 PM): I want you to tie me up, be stern with me, and beat me silly with a ham.
RoxyBaby9D (11:34:28 PM): And then pray with me.
SeesAllEye (11:34:41 PM): pray as a penance?
RoxyBaby9D (11:35:01 PM): Pray as in worship satan
RoxyBaby9D (11:35:20 PM): Haha jk!
SeesAllEye (11:35:22 PM): I don't let satan into my life
RoxyBaby9D (11:35:34 PM): Good, your not lyk religous are u?
SeesAllEye (11:35:57 PM): I think I am religious, but I pray only to God. Hey I found a pic of a girl and a guy
RoxyBaby9D (11:36:10 PM): Mmmmmmmm okay
SeesAllEye (11:36:20 PM): do u want to see it?
RoxyBaby9D (11:36:31 PM): I guessss... lols if you make me
SeesAllEye (11:36:44 PM): if I make youi?
RoxyBaby9D (11:37:13 PM): Hehe, if u want me to see it ill look. Im already so wet just talking 2 u tho
SeesAllEye (11:37:38 PM): mmm ... that pleases me ... for I am so horny becuse of you
RoxyBaby9D (11:37:48 PM): Good babi good
SeesAllEye (11:38:27 PM): now I can't find it .... let me keep searching
RoxyBaby9D (11:38:35 PM): Mmm okay
SeesAllEye (11:40:23 PM): Hey, I couldn't send it, I got a nnotice that id you're not accepting files or that your software does not allow it
SeesAllEye (11:40:31 PM): :-(
RoxyBaby9D (11:40:38 PM): Thats too bad! :-(
RoxyBaby9D (11:40:47 PM): IDK how to change it
RoxyBaby9D (11:41:02 PM): If only some sexy computer repair man would cum sho me how
SeesAllEye (11:41:16 PM): yeah .... it's the pic of a naked girl with one leg raised letting a guy, laying by her side, introduce his dick into her pussy
SeesAllEye (11:41:36 PM): lol ... I don't know either ... but I am so hot now
RoxyBaby9D (11:41:54 PM): Mm i want to do amatuer porn, i could do shyt lyk that lols
SeesAllEye (11:41:59 PM): I am holding it ... and rubbing it slowly along the shaft
RoxyBaby9D (11:42:13 PM): Oh yeah, work that meat
SeesAllEye (11:42:17 PM): I'd like to be your photographer and sex partner ...mmmm
SeesAllEye (11:42:36 PM): maybe I can find the pic in the Internet and give you the link
RoxyBaby9D (11:43:34 PM): Ooo i have a picture of me.... wanna take a look? ;-)
SeesAllEye (11:43:34 PM): or else, yuo can look for one and give me the address
SeesAllEye (11:44:24 PM): oh yes, of course
RoxyBaby9D (11:44:35 PM): Alright 1 sec... let me figure this out
SeesAllEye (11:44:45 PM): k
RoxyBaby9D (11:47:08 PM): There we go!
SeesAllEye (11:47:22 PM): k, here I go now
RoxyBaby9D (11:47:37 PM): Enjoy! :-)
SeesAllEye (11:47:53 PM): that's not a pic of you
RoxyBaby9D (11:48:04 PM): Its not????
RoxyBaby9D (11:48:09 PM): wtfffff
SeesAllEye (11:48:23 PM): well, becaue you told me you are a girl
RoxyBaby9D (11:48:30 PM): Wuts it a pic of?
SeesAllEye (11:48:49 PM): a guy ... naked from his thighs down, lol
RoxyBaby9D (11:49:05 PM): Yeah thats me
RoxyBaby9D (11:49:13 PM): Im sry i lied to u
RoxyBaby9D (11:49:28 PM): Im getting a sex change in like a month tho i swear!

And thats were it ends. Hopefully more will turn out just as hilarious!
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