Air saftey?

So last week i had the pleasure of flying which means i had the pleasure of airport security. I was headed toward the security check point and decided to get something to read on the plane so i stopped at one of the stands. While i was there i got a magazine and a bottle of coke in a plastic bottle. So i walk up to the metal detectors and they tell me i can't take my coke through for "safety reasons" i try to argue with them stating that its not even opened but after five minutes i give up and leave my coke with them. So now i am walking in the "safety zone" and i check out one of the stands which guess what has coke. But this isn't even the best part the coke in this safe zone is in glass bottles now i have not seen a old fashioned coke bottle in a while. which makes this so weird that they went the extra length to get the glass even though if you brake one of those bottle i would think it would be a more dangerous weapon then my un-opened coke but i don't know i am no security expert. What do you think?

Uploaded 01/16/2010
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