Alejandro Jodorowskys Anusmancy?

Alejandro Jodorowsky,writter, movie director (the holy mountain) and self proclaimed psychwizard, among other things, declared he created a new form of divination, consisting in reading/interpreting the folds..of the anus. In his own words:

"...the consulted should sit in a photocopier/Xerox. In the sheet of paper his/her ass-hole would appear. The fortune teller would then read on the folds of the orifice. The most deep wrinkles represent the past. The most superficial wrinkles represent the future. If spots would appear they would not be objects of reading but dirt.'"

Apparently, there are some people that spend up to 200 dollars in the reading of their cracks. Think about it: a proctologist/fortune teller could make a fortune if he did both thing.

Seeing all this guys movies, its not difficult to imagine why or how could he even think about this stuff, for serious. In one movie, you can see a very bizarre circus funeral for an elephant (scene thats been copied for videos, from m.manson to my chemichal romance-regretably-) and in other, himself portraying a wizard that turns a big stinky turd into solid gold...the start of anusmancy, turning a crappy thing into money.

Uploaded 03/24/2009
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