All about my race.

Let me tell you about my race, well one of them anyway. It was clear a half hour before hand that it would be a rain race. Steady rain had been falling most of the day, so rain tires were a given. And during the pace lap the rains intensity grew considerably. When the green flag dropped you could tell that the heavy rain was intimidating people. Maybe some of them didn't have decent rain tires or none at all. We tip toed around until, at turn six, I just couldn't wait anymore. Like some kind of B movie racing scene I just drove by everyone and into the lead. Mind you, I was the slowest class in a 4 class group. On a dry day the fastest class would be 10 to 12 seconds a lap faster.

The funniest part is I showed up on this weekend with out any rain tires, just an extra set of wheels. I was hoping to buy some used ones at the track. I managed to scrounge two for free and got two more that some guy had sitting at his pit space for sale. They were soft, full rains, perfect for the downpour and standing water during the race.

It was probably half way through the race until some one finally caught me. It was really unrealistic of me to expect to win overall. I told myself to focus on winning my class, don,t fight this guy and end up losing it all. On the other hand, Don't give anything away either.

Lap after lap he was there. I drove straight down the center of the straight aways. Forcing him to make a risky pass on the edges of the track while hitting large unnerving puddles that, at 100+ mph can really drag you around. It worked so well he didn't have the nerve to try the pass. His only advantage was his top speed so I was holding him off. With 2 laps to go as we exited turn 2 I watched in the mirror as  his frustration caused him to get a little heavy footed. He spun! he spun! The race was mine, just put in 2 more decent laps and take the checker! And the best part was I was the only person in my class to ever win first overall in that group.

Excuse me while I pat myself on the back.

Uploaded 05/15/2010
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