All is not well in the old stable.

   I was arrived home early from a business trip yesterday.  I had been away for a couple days on business.  I was getting ready to walk through the front door of my house, when I heard some unusual commotion coming from my barn.  I had just bought a 1.1 million dollar Kentucky Thoroughbread ("White Lightening") a couple weeks of course I had to go make sure all was well.  Upon opening the barn door....much to my dismay...I discovered the reason for all the commotion.   Wallboy was in my stable performing fellatio on my horse.  I was speechless.  On one hand I was amazed...that one man could fit so much horse cock down his throat....on the other...I was apalled that someone was actually sucking off my horse. 

    When I tried to confront the horse fucker about it...he notioned that he would have taken that trusty steed's cock in his ass had it not been for the extensive rectal reconstructive surgery he was still recovering from a couple weeks ago (WTF and TMI).  Completely flabbergasted and mildly enraged...I decided to send in of couple of my dogs to see if they could expel wallboy from the stable.  Wow.  In a matter of minutes, the sounds from pitbulls morphed from growls and barks into yelps and cries for help.  I immediately ran into to see an even more horrific site.  Wallboy was now having sexual relations with my dogs.  At this point...I'm completely disgusted and decided that calling the cops on this bestial f*ck was the best measure.  This whole experience has really made me question my faith in humanity...I mean how can one individual grow up to be so sexually deviant? 

    Well that's it for this traumatic experience.  I can't muster up anymore courage to delve into the f*cked up life that Wallboy leads.  Thanks for listening...feel free to share any stories concerning your Wallboy I'm sure this is far from an isolated incident.

Uploaded 05/22/2009
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