All you shit heads on here who like to talk shit are pathetic!

All you shit heads on here who like to talk shit are pathetic! I am not saying EVERYONE on here is a shit head; however, there are a lot of people on here who are just on here to talk shit! WTF! No matter what anyone says, you are guaranteed to talk shit no matter what!

How pathetic! Some of you people do nothing but stay here in the blog section and read people’s blogs all day and night. You have nothing to do and no life! Why don’t you go get a job or something rather than just talking shit on Ebaums? Maybe go meet a woman! Better yet go drink some damn beer! LOL. Or if you are going to stay on the internet all day, why don’t you go look at some of the videos on Ebaums and You Tube? You are missing out if you don’t! There is some cool and funny shit on here!

But you people choose to talk shit about literally any thing anyone else says! Why? Can’t you get a life? Let me guess, you are going to talk shit about me talking shit about this. Go ahead; I anxiously await your stupid ass, shit talking comments. Anyone who talks shit here or on any other blog is just a dip shit!

Uploaded 10/22/2008
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