Alright guys, I need some advice. Any help?

I dont know what to think or do anymore guys. I have always dated apparently the wrong chicks. it seems that everytime I start dating a new girl, she turns and treats me like shit. What i dont understand is what I must be doing wrong. I have always been that nice guy. You know, the one that everyone seems to love being around, and the one that you can always count on to actually be a friend. Why is it then that almost every girl I have ever dated has treated me like I am scum of the earth? I dont get it. The girl im dating, Heather, is a perfect example.

Last night she wanted me to call her during my lunch break at work, and when I did she ignored my call then turned off her phone. She said it was off because she was doing laundry. I have never had to turn off my phone to do laundry. So WTF?

This morning (16Apr09) at 9 AM she texted me wanting to complain about the rain due to her just getting her hair straightened. She asked me for a ride home, and I told her I couldnt since i go into work at 1 PM and she got out of school at 330 PM. She said no problem, and contimued with her day, and I went back to sleep. I woke up later to another text from her saying she was having a bad day. I decided to be the caring guy i am and send her a pic mail that would make her smile. Her phone doesnt always get my pic mail so I sent a text asking if she got it, and no reply. I knew she was busy so i didnt worry about it. I didnt text again until i got to work, and I sent "Im at work. Text you later." about 20 minutes later I get a pissy text from her saying "Look, when I dont reply, Im busy". I was kind of baffled at it, and I replied, I only sent 2 messages. One was a question, and one was letting her know I was at work. She said it was just too much.

First question is is that really too much? 2 messages? I really didnt think thta was going all crazy on texts. i would understand if they said "Whats up" and "Why wont you reply", but they didnt.

So I continued my day just not texting her since I really didnt care to get treated like crap over a text, and she called me at about midnight saying her ride bailed. I asked what ride, and she said she went to her friends bday party tonight at Cowboys (a local Dance Hall). She then asked me to come get her, and i told her I didnt mind (being the nice guy I am). I said it would take me a minute since I was broke and needed gas. My best friend happily loaned me gas money and I went to get gas, then went to the hall to get her. She called literally every minute or so asking where I was, and I kept having to add on a mile every time she called asking for my distance. Finally I get there and she is yelling at me since I took 15 minutes to get there. I started to get a little frustrated since i was getting trashed for helping her out, and I yelled back saying I got there as fast as I could. Then she made me feel like I was crap for yelling at her. So I start driving her home and she freaking starts treating me like crap the entire way to her house (which is about 35 miles away from my house). I told her I didnt appreciate being treated like that, and she looked at me like I was trash. I pointed out that i went hell out of my way to help her (again) and she was acting like I was inconveniencing her somehow. I get her home, and she got out and walked to her house. I called her on the way home and asked her what is going on? She started to go off on me telling her I made her feel like a piece of meat. I asked how and she said because I yelled at her. i told her that I felt like shit since she was yelling at me the entire way to and from dropping her off and pickjing her up, and I didnt even do anything wrong.

My main question guys, is why is it that I go hell out of my way to help someone out and I feel like shit for doing it? Why is it that I get treated like scum of the earth for being the nice guy? I dont get it. I have never done anything wrong to heather, or any of the other girls I have dated, and here I am, depressed feeling like crap. What am I doing wrong? What should I do? I am tired of being torn apart and hurt. I am tired of being left standing there confused and alone. Im just tired in general of being treated like shit. What should I do?

Well, Im going to go get really drunk, so I will be looking out for responses. Thanks for reading my rants and hope to get some pointers. God knows I need it. lol Take care.




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