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Did you ever think how the world would look like if, for example, there was a dictator in the USA and he would try to take over the world and succeeded? Perhaps that sounds impossible, but here's a few stories that sound more than right. On one hand, we have the world where Obama wins the 2012 elections - let's name it Obama World. The other would be where the ignoramus Ron Paul would not only win the election, but also fulfill all his promises, including the loony ones (basically 80% of what he says).


Obama World - Little Bobby is black. He's the boy with the highest grades in his class. His family is on welfare and he does his best to become a doctor. He believes that he'll receive a scholarship that helps him finish college. Later he signs up for the army to get free college. It turns out it wasn't free, since the army was a hell, but he would never change his decision if he had a chance to. He saved hundreds of lives defending innocents from fanatic muslims. He still has a photo of a little girl he saved. She's 10 now and her family lives in USA. She loves her new home and doesn't wear a burka because her parents converted to buddism.

Ron Paul World -  Little Bobby is black. He's the boy with the highest grades in his class and he wants to become somebody. Recently Ron Paul decided that non violent criminals should be let out of prisons, because there's too much money being spent from the budget on keeping people in prisons. Bobby's cousin Ricky was lucky Paul got elected. Instead of serving 2 more years for selling cocaine, he's back and in Bobby's school, recruiting. Why should he risk getting caught, when he can send shrimps to do his job? Bobby was forced to sell drugs for him. At some point he realised that selling them might get him rich. Instead of going to college, he became a dealer, like his cousin.


Obama World - Sally has a husband who works as a soldier. He's currently on a mission and Sally is having the time of her life. Not only is she rich, because her husband is getting paid a lot for saving the world from scum, she can party while he's gone and when he comes back, she loves him more than ever. They miss each other. One day, Sally's husband comes home a hero. He lost his leg and feels terrible. He doesn't smile anymore. His wife's love brings him back to life, slowly. The army didn't forget about him. His friends help Sally do the arrangements and they build a gym for veterans with disabilities. Someone does a show on them on TV and they become an inspiration for Americans around the country.

Ron Paul World - Sally's husband is a soldier. Ron Paul decided that 80% of the soldiers abroad shouldn't be there. Too much money goes on the military. Most of the soldiers become parking attendants or work in Wall Mart, to support their families. Sally's husband was lucky, in a way. He was one of the soldiers sent to enforce the borders, defending the country from illegal Mexicans, like Ron Paul decided would be best for the country's economy. They moved south and they hate it there. Sally doesn't like most of the people here. Her husband became grouchy. The neighbor, Sam, is a bright young man, very optimistic, unlike her husband these days. They are having an affair. Her husband knows already. The next day they find Sam's body. He was shot from a rifle in the head. Next to him was Sally's husband, who suicideded.


Obama World - Rodrigo fled Mexico with his family when he was a child. He was a bright kid and with hard work he earned enough money to sign up for the dance classes. He wasn't gay, but he loved to dance. It turned out that he's a great dancer. After he injured his knee, he became a trainer. Many people tried to study under him and he married the love of his life. He was rich enough to give her and their children what he didn't have when he was a child.

Ron Paul World - Rodrigo was on his way to USA. He fled Mexico with his family. It was hell living there, with drug cartels running everything. But they weren't lucky. Rodrigo's family didn't watch the news. They didn't know much about America. Ron Paul got elected and enforced the borders with soldiers. Rodrigo's family got caught by a patrol. The soldiers teased them and kicked them around. One of them, Sally's husband, didn't like the look Rodrigo gave him. He looked at him with confidence Sam was showing. Sam was his wife's lover. He found that out yesterday and still didn't know what to do. He kicked the boy in the ribs. Rodrigo spit blood while the soldiers laughed. He fell to the ground and stayed there, lifeless. The soldier was confused and ran away. Ran home, to his wife at first, but ended up in his neighbor's back yard.

WARNING: the stories and characters in this blog are ficticious and any resemblence to persons living or dead is incidental. Although none of these stories happened, it's obvious Ron Paul should never be elected and you're a killer and a ruiner of people's dreams if you vote for Paul.

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