Although I'm sure its been done repeatedly, MJ's death

Micheal Jackson is dead.

Oh darn.


Ok, Micheal Jackson was a talented musician, a musical genious even.  He wrote music that spanned four decades and had multi platinum selling albums and singles.  He was adored the world over by men, women, shemales, small pigmee people in brazil, and transvestites.  When he passed away, the world was shocked and saddened, but a surprisingly massive part of his lifetime was nowhere to be seen as they conducted his "life and times" review.


Remember those times Michael Jackson fucked kids?




Good riddance.  A musician who also molests children doesn't deserve a heroes funeral, he deserve a "so long asshole" and at best the courtesy of choosing paper or plastic for holding his cremated ashes.  -I don't care if a child molestor died, and I didn't even like his music that much.

Except thriller.  You might be dead inside if you didn't like thriller.


So Shamona, hee hee, and jeetameeeeya...good riddance to this self-junk touching, fake vitilago having, strange reconstructive surgery having, pedophile.

He may have thrilled us, he may have been bad, but when it came to little kids, all he ever did was beat it.


PS.  I'm hearing different reports about his death.  First i heard that he died of food poisoning...he ate 12 year old nuts.


Then I heard he didn't have a heart attack...they found him in the kid's room having a stroke.


You're messin' with a smoothe criminal.


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