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Distaval thalidomide advertisement, 1961.British Medical Journal, Vol. 1, No. 5242, p. 12.

this child's life may depend on the safety of Distaval Consider the possible outcome in a case such as this -- had the bottle contained a conventional barbiturate. Year by year, the barbiturates claim a mounting toll of childhood victims. Yet it is simple enough to prescribe a sedative and hypnotic which is both highly effective . . . and outstandingly safe... 'Distaval' (thalidomide) has been prescribed for over three years in this country, where the accidental poisonings rate is notoriously high; but there is no case on record in which even gross overdosage with 'Distaval' has had harmful results. Put your mind at rest. Depend on the safety of DISTAVAL ~ trade mark As a hypnotic at bedtime: ADULTS: 50 mg. to 200 mg. INFANTS AND CHILDREN: 25 mg. to 100 mg.   As a daytime sedative: ADULTS: 25 mg. two or three times daily. INFANTS AND CHILDREN: Up to 25 mg., according to age, one to three times daily. Distaval (25 mg. tablets).   Distaval Forte (100 mg. tablets). Basic cost to N.H.S. of 12 tablets from dispensing pack of one hundred -- 1/- or 2/8d. according to strength.   Distaval Suspension (50 mg. per 5 ml.) Basic cost to N.H.S. 3/- per bottle of 60 ml. REFERENCES:   Practitioner, 1959, 183, 57.   J. clin. exp. Psychopath., 1959, 20, 243.   J. Coll. gen. Pract., 1958, 1, 398.   Brit. med. J., 1959, 2, 635.   Med. Wld. (Lond.), 1960, 93, 26.   Brit. J. Pharmacol., 1960, 15, 111. DCBL ~ The Distillers Company (Biochemicals) Limited Broadway House, The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, S.W.19 Telephone: LIBerty 6600   Owners of the trade mark 'Distaval'

With the blessing of the FDA, Canola Oil has become one of the most widely used oils in the food processing industry, restaurants, and consumer home use. You can verify that statement by reading the labels on all kinds of packaged foods at your local supermarket. Before we continue, you should know that Canola Oil has been banned for both human and animal consumption in both England and Europe since the late 1980s.  Canola Oil is derived from the Rape plant which is poisonous. Canola oil's real name is "LEAR" oil (Low Erucic Acid Rape). It is more commonly known as "rape oil," a semi-drying oil that is used as a lubricant, fuel, soap base, synthetic rubber base, and as an illuminant to give color pages in magazines their slick look.

In short it is an industrial oil that does not belong in the human body. It is typically referred to in light industry as a penetrating oil. Rape seed is also genetically engineered. Another reason it should not be for human consumption.


Drugs that were FDA approved and killed ar harmed many people. After extreme pressure from concerned citizens they were finally removed.

Duract (bromfenac): After at least 4 deaths and 8 liver transplants, bromfenac sodium   was removed from the market.

Posicor (mibefradil): Patients treated with the drug died of sudden deaths.

Rezulin: (troglitazone): Well before it was removed from the market, troglitazone had already been associated with a minimum of 43 cases of liver failure, including 28 deaths.

Trovan (trovafloxacin): At the time of our petition in 1999 to ban the drug, there were eight cases of liver failure, including five deaths and three liver transplants. There were, as of December 31, 2004, a total of 58 cases of liver failure, including 29 deaths and nine people requiring liver transplants. This is especially alarming since for the past several years there were a total of only 350,000 prescriptions filled in the U.S.(from April 2002 through Feb 2005).


Lotronex (alosetron): Seven cases of life-threatening ischemic colitis occurred in clinical trials for this drug with marginal benefits in treating the diarrhea variety of irritable bowel syndrome. Within six months of marketing an additional 16 cases had occurred. We petitioned the FDA to remove it from the market but, after its removal, it was approved with very limited distribution.

Seldane (terfenadine), Hismanal (astemizole) These two antihistamines as well as Propulsid (cisapride), a gastrointestinal drug, and Raxar (grepafloxicin) a fluoroqinolone antibiotic, were all found after approval to cause cardiac arrhythmias, often in combination with other drugs. For each, years of delay occurred between the discovery of this life-threatening adverse reaction and the removal of the drug from the market.  

PPA (phenylpropanolamine): Clear evidence from case reports of hemorrhagic stroke and other adverse cardiovascular events caused by this drug were unfortunately not enough for the FDA to ban PPA. Instead, additional years elapsed during which a case control study further confirmed that which was already well documented, costing many additional lives.

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