Always look up even when your coming down.

   I actually decided to write a serious blog compared to my normal spam.
 Anyways I realized that the same thing everyone in the world wants is just happiness obviously. I have been rolling a lot lately and doing various speed related drugs. I realised whenever I'm rolling or doing anything meth related, I always wish that I could feel the way I feel when I'm high all the time. I just want to achieve true happiness and the closest I can come is when I do ecstasy or aderall or anything speed related, But it's not worth it because of the withdrawals and the way you feel afterwards. The only thing I can think of other than drugs that makes me happy is Girls and working out. I just need to know If there is a way to be happy over 50% of the time, Sometimes I'm happy and most the time I'm anxious, sad, or angry. I just want to know what gets you the people of ebaumsworld happy? What usually releases the endorphins in your body, For me it's normally Music, girls, and working out. So what makes you happy?
Uploaded 06/14/2011
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