Am I right to feel this way?

My mother is dating this guy from her job and he comes over sometimes. Well that is fine with me but they start kissing super loud and when I ask them nicely to quiet down because i'm doing homework or something from school they get right next to my face and do it louder and he constantly slaps my mothers ass. This pisses me off but if I said something to him that my mother thought was mean then she'd bitch at me for weeks. Oh and whenever I ask my mother a question about something like for example i'll ask what shes watching on TV and he'll say some stupid ass remark in this little voice then he starts laughing like its the funniest thing thats ever been said. Just wondering how you feel about it.


P.S. I'm in high school in 10th grade and I have a shit ton of work to do. I'm not trying to sound like a little bitch or something but i'm really busy and I can't pay attention to anything when they do this and they do it ALOT.

Uploaded 09/02/2008
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