Am I wrong?

Ok, i broke up with my girl, cuz we were at a park, chillin-n-shit, when her mom just suddenly pulls up out of god-knowes-the-fuck-where. Her mom starts yellin at her cuz she's supposed to be home, she's worried sick, bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan, what the fuck ever. THEN she come out and says, get this, " Whose this nigger?" Time fuckin froze when i heard that. I looked behind me, just to make sure, and lo and behold, she was talkin to me. I wanted to curse her out so fucking bad, but my parents truly raised me better. Besides, if i can't beat the fuck out of 'em, what's the point arguing??? So I just told my girl that i'll see her later, and her mom starts flippin out, sayin no i won't, she's gonna make sure my ass is in jail, the whole fuckin nine yards. And there's a crowd. A big one. So as I'm walking, he throws a fucking rock at my fucking head and screams " RAPIST" at the top of her lungs. I snapped. I picked up a rock, and hurled that bitch with hell in my eyes right at my girls mom. Needless to say, hell broke loose afer that. Well what ever, when I get home (in a cop car) i call my girl and tell her we're through. I can't deal with her psychotic, drunk, menopausal, racist bitch of a mother, (in those exact words). So am i wrong? Besides, the bitch can't even gt her races right, I'm not black, I'm Puerto Rican, which she was. Show's how much arrogance we fuckin have.

Uploaded 08/01/2008
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