Amazing Free Rider 2 Track

This a a very long Mountain Rescue themed Free Rider with great jumps and scenery.

To play it, just go to the link below and then copy the (very long) code further below and paste it in the folder that says "Load Map" when you scroll over it on the right hand side menu.

-Thanks for playing and please comment.

P.S. - The code is supposed to be that long because that map is very detailed.

-ju 1r -bf 1u -42 22,4c 2c 8j 2e 99 2o 9a 3g 8o 3f 94 3t 9j 46 9i 4l 97 4u 87 4u 87 5j 91 5n 9k 5c a2 62 a0 6j 98 6m a7 76 af 7e a8 7k 98 7l 95 7t 99 85 a4 84 aq 87 an 8j a7 8j b1 8v am 9d 9g 9l ap a1 ah ae dk d4 fl eg lg jp qq od 11u uq 18r 150 1d1 17s 1ei 18i 1fu 190 1gs 19a 1i2 19j 1j0 19q 1k6 1a2 1lo 1a9 1nc 1a9 1p6 19v 1qg 196 1ro 17s 1t0 162 1tm 14g,1tm 14g 1u3 13i 1uo 133 1v6 135 1vn 13n 205 13j 20i 137 210 137 21d 13l 222 13n 22n 13i,247 13q 254 13j 25n 138 262 13k 268 137 26j 138 274 13j 281 13b 28m 13b,22m 13h 22t 139 23b 130 23i 133 245 13p,231 135 234 rt 237 rt 239 131,1vb 12e 235 11o 27h 12k 235 11g,1vb 12c 233 11g 1vi 120 23b 11b 272 12a 235 114 1vo 11o 235 10t 26k 11t 235 10j 201 11b 235 10b 269 11j 233 104 207 10s 23i 104 25t 11b 235 vq 20g 10i 235 vg 25o 10t 233 v6 20m 104 235 us 25e 10g 235 ui 210 vb 238 ua 25h vi 235 u2 21p uf 231 tr 24j uk 233 tk 21t u5 233 tc 246 u3 236 t5 222 tj 233 sq 248 to 236 sl 22d so 235 sc 23s st 236 s4 23n s4 230 rs 22i rv 231 rv 22i s9,22i s9 230 s6 22i sg 233 s9,231 sm 22a t0 230 sq,230 u3 21k up 230 uc,230 un 219 vf 230 ur,238 uk 24v vn 233 ud,28l 13a 298 13d 29n 13m 2gr 1gb 2lm 1of 2pr 1v9 2rt 226 30q 27r 320 296 3c4 2ji 3he 2od 3me 2rp 3sm 2uq 422 30c 485 315 4id 31k 4n3 31k 4sf 30u,526 2vc 59e 2s8 5dg 2po,5ss 2fj 67i 2o8 67i 2op 655 2op,5go 2oi 5go 2o5,5i8 2oi 5hu 30p 650 311 655 2oq,650 30u 676 2ur 673 2oo,5hr 2nb 66d 2nb,64e 2lr 5k4 2lm,5mf 2k4 628 2jv,5p6 2i8 600 2i8,5r8 2gp 5u7 2gp,5rs 2gp 5rq 2i3,5ua 2gu 5ua 2i3,5t7 2i6 5t7 2jv,5qd 2i6 5qd 2jv,5vi 2i8 5vk 2jv,60v 2jv 614 2lm,5uh 2k2 5uh 2lp,5rn 2k4 5rn 2lp,5o9 2k4 5o7 2lm,5mg 2lp 5mg 2nb,5kc 2lm 5k7 2n8,5pu 2lp 5pu 2n8,5so 2lr 5so 2n6,5vk 2lr 5vn 2nb,62r 2lu 62r 2n8,64i 2nd 64k 2ol,61b 2ng 61b 2oj,5u5 2nd 5u5 2og,5r8 2nb 5r8 2ol,5gn 2og 658 2oo,5jj 2nb 5jj 2ob,5li 2nd 5li 2ob,5o9 2nb 5oc 2og,5k2 2pc 5k2 2s1 5p5 2s1 5p2 2ph 5k2 2pc,5md 2pc 5md 2rs 5mq 2ru 5mn 2ph 5mi 2rp 5md 2ph 5md 2ru 5mn 2ru,5k0 2qp 5p2 2qr 5p0 2qf 5k2 2qf 5ot 2qm 5k2 2qk 5oo 2qh,5mg 2pe 5mg 2rs,5jo 2pc 5jo 2s6 5pf 2s8 5pa 2p4 5jm 2p2 5jm 2ph,5q0 30p 5q3 2sd 5t9 2sd 5tc 30s,5se 2uh 5se 2v2 5st 2v2 5sq 2uj 5sg 2uj,5gs 2oj 5h3 2q2 5h8 2oj 5hi 2qr 5hn 2og,5pp 2oj 5q3 2qh 5qa 2ol 5qf 2qu 5qk 2ol,60q 2oo 611 2qu 616 2oo 61g 2pr 61l 2ol,65i 2oq 65l 2qp 65v 2oq 664 2q2 66b 2oo,5ua 2pc 5uf 2si 643 2si 640 2p2 5u7 2pc,5up 2ph 5ur 2s6 63h 2s3 63h 2pe 5uu 2pj,60q 2ph 60q 2s1 616 2s1 616 2ph 60v 2ph 60v 2rs,5up 2qr 63c 2qu 63c 2qk 5ur 2qh 63a 2qp 5up 2qm,5ej 2q0 5g5 2rf 5gk 2ue 5gu 30p 5hq 305,6hc 2sv 6d0 2u5 6as 2uk 690 2v3,6kq 2sj 6mm 2sc 6np 2s9 6qo 2sj 6t8 2th,6t5 2tf 7ao 3j8 7o8 4a7,86a 50q 8c8 5al 8fc 5f6 8h8 5hm 8je 5ji 8lu 5ll 8oe 5na 8s1 5ou 8vf 5pi 93f 5ps 96e 5pi 99a 5o5 9b4 5me 9dc 5jd 9dj 5j3 9dq 5il 9du 5i5 9e2 5hh,5co 4pj 5ca 4uu,5dv 4p6 5db 53j 5c6 5bn,5dg 2pp 5dg 2q7 5dp 2pu 5dv 2pr 5e0 2q0 5e6 2pt 5ec 2pn 5ed 2q2 5ej 2pv,9e3 5hh 9es 5hb 9ff 5ho 9fu 5h7 9fc 5gl 9g0 5g4 9fh 5fs 9ga 5fb 9gp 5fs 9i6 5gq 9hq 5fs 9ie 5f6 9hi 5ef 9hv 5dr 9ig 5d5 9iq 5dk 9je 5df 9hs 5cj 9il 5c7 9iv 5b9 9jm 5b6 9k0 5bl 9kk 5bj 9k5 5aq 9kp 5a3 9li 5a3 9m9 5a5 9lh 59j,7o7 4a7 7op 4b3 7pg 4cb 7pa 4cj 7pg 4co 7p4 4d1 7pc 4d3 7p3 4dk 7ov 4dp 7p2 4dq 7p9 4dm 7p6 4e4 7p1 4e9 7pa 4e9 7pe 4e5 7pg 4do 7pm 4dt 7pj 4e6 7pq 4e8 7pr 4do 7pt 4de 7r9 4fi 7t1 4i3 7sm 4ic 7ss 4im 7sd 4j6 7sn 4jc 7t1 4jh 7sk 4k0 7t5 4k8 7si 4ki 7sm 4kt 7ss 4kv 7tj 4l2 7tf 4kd 7to 4kh 7to 4k4 7tr 4jt 7v0 4lo 81c 4pk,86a 50q 83t 4ss 82l 4qu 803 4ng 7ua 4kl 80p 4oc 81i 4pj,9lh 59h aap 57i abj 57s ab3 58a abv 58q ac3 591 abe 595 ab4 59g abb 59q abp 5a2 aca 5aa abr 5ao ac5 5b1 ace 5b6 ac5 5bm abq 5c5 ac9 5cd ad0 5cg ad5 5dg acf 5e0 ac0 5ed acq 5f8 adh 5fq adn 5g2 aje 5jh ap0 5o8 arv 5qq b1o 60a b3l 61t,b3m 61t b54 62t b6m 63q b7m 64a b9k 651 bau 65c bd0 65q bem 65v bge 65u bh8 65n bi6 659 bjl 642 bkp 62q blu 616 bm4 60q bm9 60g bmd 600 bmf 5vf bmn 607 bmq 5uq bn1 5vr bn8 5ud bnd 5vg bnn 5uo bnu 5vo bo9 5uv bqe 677 bte 6ei bva 6if c5f 6vj c8m 765 cap 7a2 ce7 7eg ch1 7i1 cjm 7kt cln 7ma coc 7n1 csc 7nb,9o7 5ej 9o6 5em,6hc 2sv 6l2 2si,4sg 30u 525 2vc,5go 2o4 5sr 2fi,csd 7nb cui 7n9 d0d 7n2 d2r 7ml d67 7lg d8k 7k5 dal 7im dcm 7gv ddf 7g1 de3 7f2 dei 7e5 deq 7de,djb 76d ehs 76g emp 76g fb6 76c g6j 76c h39 76a i4u 769 j8a 76a kbr 76c l9k 76c l9m 779,dja 76d dja 777 djb 78f ebu 78p ehs 78n,dl2 78i dkj 7sj eeu 7sr,dng 7aa dnb 7g3 dtt 7g6 dtt 7a8 dng 7aa,dni 7kd dni 7pu dto 7pu dte 7jk dni 7ja dni 7ks,do6 7au do4 7f5 dsv 7f5 dss 7au do9 7au,dq7 7au dq7 7eu dqm 7eu dqm 7au dqc 7ep dqf 7ap dqk 7ep,do6 7d7 dsq 7d7 dss 7cj do9 7cl dsl 7d2 do9 7d2 dsl 7co doe 7cq,do6 7jr do9 7pa dss 7pa dsl 7ka do6 7jr,dqh 7k3 dqf 7p5 dr0 7p5 dr0 7k5 dqm 7p3 dr0 7ou dqk 7k0 dqm 7ok,do6 7ml dsn 7mt dsn 7m9 do6 7m1 dsn 7mo dob 7me dsl 7mb doe 7m6 dsi 7mj,e9m 7so e9p 7jk egd 7jm egi 7sr eeu 7so,ef8 7n4 ef8 7ou eg8 7ou eg8 7n2 efa 7n2,efi 7ne efi 7o0 efu 7o0 efu 7n9 efk 7nc,eff 7o7 efi 7oh eg3 7oh eg1 7o2 eff 7o5,efd 7p8 efd 7pk efk 7pp eg3 7pp eg6 7pf efu 7p3 efd 7pa,dko 76a dqu 728 e90 76a,dnq 75f e0s 75h,dp4 74r due 74o,dq2 73q dtt 73v,dqu 731 drs 731,eht 78n h39 77n,eme 76f esa 74k esa 76e,etv 76e eu0 750 etn 750 eu3 74k,eu3 74j eve 74j evm 74t evb 74u evc 76c,eua 763 euv 763,eue 75q ev1 75p,eua 75h ev4 75g,euc 755 ev2 755,eu9 74p ev4 74p,f1j 74e f7q 76c,f1j 74f f1k 76d,fts 76b g1a 754 g1b 757 fu2 76c,g0r 76b g0r 75v g1b 75v g1b 76b,g0t 75u g0t 75i g18 75h g18 75u,g0v 75g g0v 75c g17 75a g16 75g,g10 762 g10 767 g17 766 g17 761 g10 762,g11 75m g11 75s g15 75r g14 75l g11 75l,g11 75e g14 75e,g25 751 g5r 72p g5u 72u g27 755 g24 751,g2a 752 g29 75e g2s 75d g2s 74p,g25 75e g25 75r g33 75p g31 75b g23 75e,g28 75r g28 76a g32 76b g31 75q,g2h 75v g2h 764 g2r 764 g2q 75r g2h 75u,g2d 75i g2d 75m g2s 75k g2p 75g g2b 75i,g2g 751 g2e 758 g2o 757 g2n 74v g2e 753,g59 73a g5a 76b,g61 76a g5q 732,g5g 73f g5g 746,g5o 74e g5o 74o,g5i 74q g5h 75a,g5o 75f g5o 75q,g5g 75q g5h 761,g7p 71q g7p 72g gd0 72h gd0 71p g7p 71o,g7s 72g g7r 76b,gct 72h gd0 76a,g9g 76a g9g 73b gb7 73n,gb7 73m gb8 76a,gas 752 gar 75a gb1 75b gb3 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764,i9p 768 icq 72p,icj 766 i9r 72p,i9v 72m ick 761,ip6 72l ip4 766,it0 72l isv 769,ism 768 isq 72j,ipd 72l ipb 765 isl 72j,iso 72p ipf 768,isc 768 ipc 72q,ipg 72j isl 766,hv5 6tj hv7 729 ihj 727 j42 725 jao 723,jal 6tp hv6 6tj,i34 6tr hvk 6ug hvo 6v4 i28 6vt i28 70u hvq 71a hvu 71v i3b 71j i32 6v7 i16 6ur i35 6ue i33 6tr,i46 6tr i3u 71m i50 71m i50 702 i66 71j i74 71k i5f 6vf i6v 6u9 i5o 6u3 i51 6v4 i53 6tr i48 6tr,i8d 6tv i8c 6uu i9n 6uu i9n 70s i85 70u i87 71q ibn 71m ibd 70l ia9 70l ia9 6up ib8 6um ib8 6tm i8c 6tu,ih5 6u3 ih4 71n iid 71n iid 702 ijt 702 ijs 71j il5 71j il2 6tv ijt 6u0 iju 6v2 iid 6v2 iid 6ts ih4 6ts ih4 6uc,iml 6u3 imf 70p in9 71f ip3 71e ips 70o ipr 6ul ioo 6tu in2 6tq imj 6u4,inp 6um ini 702 io4 70b iom 707 iom 6v2 iod 6um inp 6um,ire 6u3 irf 6v6 isr 6v4 isu 71h iu5 71e itq 6v3 iup 6up iuk 6tv ire 6u3,ivv 6u4 ivv 71f j2f 71b j2c 70a j10 709 j0v 6vh j1t 6vh j1t 6ur j0s 6ur j0r 6ui j28 6uh j1t 6tu ivt 6u4,j4a 6u5 j4e 718 j7b 716 j7b 6vp j5i 6vp j5h 6u0 j49 6u4,jal 6tq jan 721,jaq 72h jb7 72g,jar 6ta jb7 72h,jb7 72e jdf 767,jb8 769 j91 72j,j9b 72j jbg 768,jd5 768 jav 72g,j9d 72o jct 767,jd2 767 j9e 72h,jbk 767 jav 72k,jdu 768 jf8 715 k17 768,jf1 75m jrj 75p,jg1 74j joi 74r,jg6 73e jkq 73l,jfs 72g jho 72g,hf1 75f hqh 75f,his 74c hpl 74c,hlc 736 hpt 739,hn8 723 hpg 723,huq 6t9 hor 70v,hom 70u hot 70q hp2 70v hoq 712 hon 70t,hp0 70u hpu 71h hpl 70h,hq0 70a hqn 715 hqo 6vr,hr5 6vj hru 70h hrt 6v3,hsb 6ur ht1 6vr ht4 6uc,hte 6u5 hu8 6v6 hud 6th,jar 6tb jfd 71c jfa 71g jfg 71g jfg 71a jfc 71a,jav 6th jb5 6uv jbm 6u6,jc3 6uf jc1 6vm jco 6v2,jd2 6va jcr 70g jdn 6vu,je2 708 jds 71k jeq 70t,der 7de df1 7ds dff 7d3 dfj 7dl dg2 7cq dgc 7df dgl 7cp dh1 7d2 dhd 7c6 dhm 7cu,dhm 7cv dho 7dj dhr 7ek di0 7fp,dih 7kf dih 7mq dih 7oh diu 7qg djs 7rv dkd 7s2,dht 7fk di7 7i9 dih 7kn,egh 7sr l7a 7sv l7h 77d,e86 7aa e86 7h9 ega 7h6 egd 7af e89 7aa,e8t 7as e8v 7g6 eff 7fi efc 7b3 e8t 7au,ec6 7au ec6 7fi ecv 7fk ecv 7au ecb 7fi ecg 7au ecn 7fd ecn 7as,e8t 7do efc 7do efc 7ct e8v 7ct ef7 7de e92 7de ef0 7d4 e8t 7d7 ef5 7dh,eo2 7af env 7hl f1o 7hl f1l 79k eo4 7ad,eo4 7k8 enq 7qn f2c 7q8 f29 7jh eo4 7k8,fc4 7ir fc9 7so,fc1 7ir fk3 7it fk8 7so,fbn 79m fbv 7h6 fl3 7h4 fkn 79h fbn 79m,fuf 79c fup 7hl g96 7hg g88 79h fuf 79a,fus 7k3 fv6 7rg ga6 7qv g9q 7jc fun 7k3,gj8 7so gj6 7i4 gqr 7hv gr7 7st,gid 795 gin 7gv gs5 7gi gsd 78o gid 790,h5u 78o h5u 7hq hh6 7he hgs 78m h5r 78m,h71 7kk h71 7rb hi1 7rb hhi 7jc h71 7kk,hrd 7so hr8 7i2 idr 7hv ido 7sr,i48 7i2 i48 7so i4u 7so i4p 7i2 i4f 7sh i4d 7i4 i4p 7sc,i2j 7i7 i2j 7j2 i6b 7j0 i6b 7hv i2m 7io i63 7im i35 7i4 i5u 7ic i30 7ir i30 7i7 i3h 7i7 i37 7ic i32 7ie i3m 7io i63 7it i63 7i2 i2r 7it i2o 7i4 i3p 7ih,hum 78r huu 7gd iai 7gb ia3 78h hum 78r,iqv 78o iqg 7ho j9g 7hg j80 78j iqs 78r,iqn 7jh iqh 7qr j9t 7q4 j97 7iu iqo 7jd,jnq 7sk jno 7h0 k0s 7h0 k1c 7sm,k9s 78t k9n 7hl kp6 7hj kov 797 k9n 78r,k91 7j3 k8p 7r9 kq9 7re kpq 7ja k91 7j0,eot 7b1 eoq 7ge f0u 7ge f0p 7an eot 7av,esd 7aq esd 7gb etb 7gb et1 7b1 esn 7g4 esi 7an esv 7g6 esq 7as,f0p 7e0 eot 7dr eot 7dc f0k 7dk ep4 7dk f0m 7dr eot 7df,eot 7l1 eop 7po f0v 7p7 f0l 7ko eou 7l2,esc 7kt esc 7p9,et5 7p9 et3 7l0 esk 7p7 esm 7kr esu 7p2 esr 7l0 esr 7p4,eop 7nd f0q 7nd f0l 7mk ep1 7mn euv 7n8 eq1 7mu f0e 7mu f0b 7n6 ep6 7n6 epq 7mu f0b 7ms eul 7n6,fik 7ni fii 7ob fiu 7og fjg 7og fjl 7o4 fjl 7ng fik 7ng,fcf 7ao fcm 7gc fjq 7fm fip 7a4 fch 7ao,fed 7am ff6 7g2 fge 7ft ffe 7aj ffg 7fo ffq 7eo feq 7at fev 7dv ff4 7el ff6 7f9 ffq 7fc fft 7fo ffq 7fm ff4 7ah ff6 7ev ffg 7cf fg9 7fm ff9 7fo fel 7am,fj6 7d6 fch 7ds fch 7d1 fis 7cu fiu 7c8 fck 7d6 fis 7cs fia 7ca fgm 7cs,fia 7ca fck 7di fi5 7d1 fia 7ca,fha 7cs fis 7cf,fvm 7ah fvt 7gp g7l 7gh g6u 7ac fvm 7ac,g2v 7ae g3b 7gf g3t 7g5 g39 7ar g3g 7gc g3q 7gc g34 7ac,g76 7dn fvr 7ds fvr 7db g73 7d6 g0h 7dl g71 7dg g07 7dg g05 7dn,g0a 7l2 g07 7qk g8j 7pr g8g 7k7 g0a 7l0,g42 7kh g44 7q5 g4m 7q2 g4e 7ke g49 7pr g47 7kh g4e 7q5,g8e 7nd g0a 7o1 g0c 7ng g8e 7n1 g0k 7nn g8e 7nb g0h 7nq,gpa 7nb gpa 7o1 gpk 7ob gq3 7ob gqa 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