America has spoken.

The nation I have sworn to defend with my life, and her citizens whom I serve, have exercised the greatest and most powerful of all the freedoms that I protect. They have selected our next president.


Barack Obama is a skilled and charismatic orator. His ability to draw people to him, unite them and rally them to a cause is stunning and worthy of respect. It will serve him well as the new leader of the free world. He and his staff, along with Congress and the Senate, will be faced with great challenges on every front.


He will have to pull the nation back from it's dependency on foreign oil, and steer us in an entirely new direction for energy production and consumption. He will also shoulder the burden of pulling our entire economy back from the brink, cutting our deficit and working to repay some of our tremendous debt to the international community who have been graciously supporting our very ambitious endeavors in these past 8 years. In these regards I wish him godspeed, and I'm confident that he will capably serve the best interests of the nation.


He will also decide the fate of our new allies in the middle east, as well as the fate of the ongoing hunt for our most dangerous enemies. He will have to face down our other enemies who are chomping at the bit, defying the international community and trying to force their way into the theater of nuclear arms. He will be required to prevent this, at all costs. He will sit down with the other world leaders of the other superpowers, and together they will have to find a way to keep these unstable rogue countries under control. In these regards, I again wish him godspeed, and I assure him that the United States Marines stand ready to serve our President, and our nation, in whatever way is required of us.


Semper Fidelis, and Hail to the Chief.

Uploaded 11/05/2008
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