America is for English speakers.

Got your attention didnt it? No, I don't believe that so read on. Let me jump into this debate by saying that I am a first generation American. My mother, aunt, grandmother, grandfather and great-grandmother got off the boat from Italy in 1957. My grandfather fought for the British Army against the Nazis.

When my mother and aunt went to High School they weren't given Italian language school books. When my grandfather started working for a tool manufacturer he wasnt given instructions in Italian (Or Polish which he was fluent in also.) They were expected to learn English, pay taxes, and do their work whether it was at school or on the job. My mother and aunt learned to speak, read and write English fluently. My grandfather and grandmother spoke English but they had thick Italian accents. They wrote and read some English. My great-grandmother only learned a few words of English but she lived with my grand-parents and they supported her. What she contributed was giving me they ability to speak Italian. I couldnt talk to her UNLESS I spoke Italian. None of them, not a single one ever even thought that it would be OK to not contribute. They learned the language to the best of their abilities, they paid their taxes, and they worked for a living.

 Asking cash strapped school systems to print books in English and Spanish is ridiculous. Asking for equality in all things and then protesting because someone in your ethnic group is accused of wrong doing is hypocritical. You dont get to wave the American flag on July 4th and then wave the flag of the old country on July 5th because the police think your countryman shot somebody. Yes, I do agree that racism is all over the place. Yes, I do agree it has no place in todays society BUT sometimes non-white people actually do commit a crime. Listen to the evidence BEFORE you rush down to city hall screaming he was arrested because his skin color is (Insert non-white color here.).

So if you want to come to America fine. We promise a lot but we expect a lot. Our doors are open. Come one come all. Keep your heritage. Keep your language. BUTand this is a big one: Learn the English language to the best of your abilities, pay your taxes, and contribute!

Uploaded 12/27/2008
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