America is getting fatter

I've noticed lately that at fast food joints medium is the new small and large is the new medium. At first I only saw this at Hardies. I thought that maybe they were trying to trick you into getting a large by calling a large fry and drink a medium. But then I went to Wendy's last night and noticed that all the combos were priced with a small fry and drink. Seeing this, I thought they were just trying to make the combo seem cheaper than it really is so I ordered a medium.

When I got my food I saw that my fries were in what used to be a large size. This is when I came to the realization that America is either getting fatter or hungrier (or maybe both). Don't get me wrong. It was damn good food (I got the Baconator) but for me it's no big deal I'm a pretty skinny dude. This, however, proves that America is getting a bigger appetite, and this is bad news for fat people. I prophesize that in the future skinny people will become chubby, fat people will become obese, and obese people will die of congestive heart failure.


There is a bright side though. I went to McDonalds today and was glad to see that they don't have misleading labels for sizes. I got a medium and was delighted to see that it was the usual size for a medium. With that I will leave you. I need more beer.




Uploaded 12/13/2008
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