america is still 1

I've had a pretty damn lucky life so far. I been to just about every nook and cranny in the world aside from south america, I gotta tell you america is not as bad as everyone thinks. People would love to live here. Another thing, people don't hate us as much as you think. All the French I've talked to fucking love Americans. They hugged me and said "america number one! yaaaah" Sure we were all drunk but still. Come on people, wall mart, cheap food, anyone can make a dollar here. Stop saying its the economy, I've seen bad economy in the world bro. America is the shit. Anyone can survive here. Ya we got our fingers in places they shouldn't be, and yah we tell everyone how to live their lives. Maybe it's because we know how to do shit the right way. Not saying it's perfect, but it's the best. We are spoiled and we got our goodies taken away for a little bit, so we having a little hissy fit. Life's good hommie. Look outside, it's sunny and you got your health, that's more then most could dream of in the world.

- Frogbob
Uploaded 02/21/2012
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