America to become Islamic? Pull the other one.

For all of you one here, including you LetmeDangle. If you fail to see what was actually happening in that youtube video, you and the rest of the mindless fuckpigs need to look at it from the outside in. 

      Muslim festivals happen across America and the world at large, the last time I checked America was the land of the FREE and home of the brave. I have no doubt every Muslim at that festival was a legal citizen, no doubt business owners, who contribute to American society. So in this free country are they not allowed their rights to which religion to choose? Are they not allowed their festivals, or has or is America to be an intolerant totalitarian state where "You can have your beliefs as long as it is Christianity"

      Did no one look at the goddamn signs the Christians were holding they were religious anti-Muslim quotes from the bible, what the did they think would happen, holding signs up and people saying "they should cut peoples heads of now that provocative" just in case you missed it that was a Christian saying that, they were also saying "you are not welcome here". Who was being racist there? Thats right the Christians, this whole mess was deplorable on both sides, but if you bring racism you have to expect violence. If you walk into someones religious festival -which is legal and above board, with legal permits and rights- and hold up anti-Muslim signs it is like putting a match too a powder keg. It is like those idiotic Westboro baptist church fuckers who picket funerals. They do it to get an extreme reaction, to incite violence and then tell the world that they are the victims and not the aggressors -it is pathetic school yard bullshit.


     If Muslims picketed every church in America and had signs "Death to the infidel" placarded everywhere, would they not be met with equally violent behavior? Of course they would, as you never give a man a god as he will fight for it/him/thing... I hold no stock in religion as this is what happens two opposing ideologies clash and the result is racism and violence, the muslim people reacted badly with violence, but the provocation was on the part of the stupid Christians holding up placards with religious messages. 

        I am actually reminder of the not too distant past where black people wanted to attend universities in the 60's and have their own rights, and were met with similar racism.

    If there is to be an investigation it has to be impartial and take into count that the Christians were holding up signs to provoke extreme reactions from Muslims who were simply having a festival which is their right to do is your "free" country. Hypocritics.
Uploaded 06/29/2012
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