America vs Canada Crime Rate

As you know America is a conservatives paradise, where every president we've had in the modern era (besides Carter) has bombed the living shit out of a country. Where everyone owns guns not meant for hunting wild game.


The big difference here is in the States is our media produces fear. They produce fear of terrorist attacks, viruses, blacks and hispanics being monsters, rapist, and a shitty economy. Where as in Canada, they can all get along, media is about shit other than being afriad of a fucking mole rat.


Canada has a higer unemployment rate per capita than the United States. So poverty can't be the issue. 14% of Canada is non white and has a high rate of diverse religions, so race and religion can't be the cause, so what is it?


The reason why Canada only has on average 65 murders a year and the United States has 11,500 a year is because lack of gun control.


Let's head back to the media aspect of this. Watch your local news tonight, and see how much shit they feed you. Ads on how you wont get any pussy if you don't use zit cream. You'll get gang raped in the ass if you don't own Brinks home secuirty. Then watch Canadian local news, you don't get all this bull shit that will cause fear. You don't see your president saying "War is our only answer, we got to kill them before they kill us".


Look at Columbine highschool, far right religious nuts blamed music, media, drugs, and bullying for it. When you have Lockheed Martin (Biggest weapons makers in the world) 2 blocks down the road making ICBM nuclear capable weapons, but music is the problem? During the day of Columbine US did the biggest air bombing in the Kosovo Campaign.


The reason why Canada isn't so fucked up and shooting eachother is because :

1) Media isn't telling them to be scared of 8 yr olds.

2) They have actual gun laws were not everyone can buy a fucking firearm and bust caps in eachothers asses.

3) They can ALL GET ALONG!!!


Then look at the United States conservative news. "The muslims are going to take over". "Hispanics are going to make white the minority by 2050". Then you see the Tea Party, prime example of America. We act like scared bitches of everything non white and non Christian.


Canada is better at almost everything but fighting wars, killing people, and, making weapons. Is because their history isn't about shooting a fucking muslims brains out, hanging a black man because he is darker, and, always used violence to solve their problems.


That's why Canada isn't as violent as America, because they aren't fucking scared of everything, and they don't own fully automatic guns meant to hunt people on such a scale as the United States.


To my conservative (war mongers, black, jew, arab, hispanic, muslim haters, and gun toting rednecks) thanks for fucking up my country.


- FuckyouIran


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