American Debt?

     People seem to think raising taxes will pay the US Debt off.  The debt itself is higher than anyone is admitting.  Obama throws figures around like candy.  2 Trillion?  He spent THAT in the first 30 seconds of his 60th day in office.  How do we get out of this debt crises?


     Times are tough.  Shame on the Father and or Mother that comes home and tells the kids that they can't afford to feed them tonight; then proceeds to sit down to their own steak dinner.  Start with the Government.  Every single person working for the Government takes a pay cut until this thing is fixed.  All monies saved goes DIRECTLY to the deficit.


     Still on Government.  It seems that our Politicians can raise MILLIONS in SECONDS for election campaigns but NOTHING in DECADES for deficit funding.  Cool.  Easy solution:  90% of all campaign fund raisers goes STRAIGHT to the deficit.

     Here is a proposal that, if implimented, would do a number of things.  1)  Raise the Gross National Product, 2) Create WELL PAYING JOBS (not the minimum wage jobs that Obama is so proud of), 3)  Bring jobs BACK from overseas, 4)  Create demand  5) Generate public income 6)  Stimulate Capitalism 7)  Reduce the great void between the ultra uber rich and the dirt poor. 8) has the potential to stimulate the WORLD market accordingly.  However, this must be applied uniformly, with absoultely no exceptions to policy.


     Re-write the minimum wage law, totally.  In order for a company to do business in the US then the company must pay its highest paid person no more than 700 percent more than its lowest paid person.  This  means if you want to be rich, you need to reward those makiing you rich.  Now, since companies like Micron sent their operations over-seas to pay children pennies on the dollar of what they were paying Americans, this means  that those companies would have to pay the foreign workers according to the new pay scale as well, or lose the American market.  This reduces the desire to have that business in China anylonger.  CEOs and top staff would most likely take pay cuts, and extra money would be "found" to expand so the new demands could be met.  Win Win situation here.


     I HAVE sent this detail to my Congressman, Senator, AND that wannabe President of ours.  I urge you to send your ideas up to your Congressman, Senator, and to the Whitehouse as well.  The URL for the white house is easy:

good luck

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