An Amusing Chatroom Experience


  So Chitlin and I were trolling last night in order to achieve some epic lulz. It was going pretty normal as we could not get anything funny to transpire.  We were in a certain chatroom for about 15 minutes when the user TeTro kept asking if anyone wanted to cyber.  I wasn't really expecting this is a site for mother's and mother's to be.  Anyway here is what happened....Enjoy!

On a username on is BigBrenda12 and I actually think TeTr0 is a dude.




TeTr0 whispers: aw... i was hoping to get you alone...

BigBrenda12:Are you ready tetro



TeTr0: I'm pretty new to this tho ok?

BigBrenda12: So I sensually pull down your panties

TeTr0: So dont laugh at me if i dot know what i am doing or saying


BigBrenda12:  and begin to softly caress your breasts

TeTr0: mmmm

TeTr0: that sounds nice...

BigBrenda12: I whisper Your so beautiful


TeTr0: i like that!

BigBrenda12: Then I gradually slide my hand down between your legs to feel your warmth

BigBrenda12: My body begins to quiver with anticipation

TeTr0: like what you feel?


BigBrenda12: I feel the soft texure of your lips

BigBrenda12: Are you going to undress me?

TeTr0: If thats what you want

BigBrenda12: Oh please


TeTr0: i will slowly take off your top as i kiss your shoulders & neck

TeTr0: moving my way down slowly & softly

TeTr0: im sorry...

TeTr0: ive never done this before... do i suck?


BigBrenda12: keep going

TeTr0: ok...

TeTr0: then when i reach around & unhook your bra, i take one of your supple breasts to my mouth

TeTr0: i want to suck & tease your nipple & make you quiver


TeTr0: I like to feel that little shake in your body... it lets me know you are liking it

TeTr0: As i lick down slowly but surely

TeTr0: I just want to kiss & caress your whole body, all over

BigBrenda12: My body begins to tingle

BigBrenda12: I slowy begin to unbutton my pants

TeTr0: my pussy is throbbing & wet

BigBrenda12: I've never felt this way about another lady before

TeTr0: no... this is special... sensual


TeTr0: I like to kiss & tease your body before i hit the right spots that make you feel the best

TeTr0: B/c by the time i am ready to make my way there, you are gonna be begging for it

BigBrenda12:I slowly began to pull down my underwear

TeTr0:my soft tongue sliding against your wet lips, sucking on your throbbing clib


TeTr0:*clit, sorry

BigBrenda12: and unleash my raging, throbbing cock

BigBrenda12: I violently begin to smack you in the face with it



TeTr0: wtf i thought you were a chick

TeTr0 : I can get that from my man any time

TeTr0:  hm... i am totally confused now

TeTr0:...  *TeTr0 has left the chat room



There you have it folks.  Sorry if you don't think it was worthy of posting.  I thought it was decent and some of you might enjoy it. Later.

Uploaded 06/07/2009
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