an answer to ignorance

in a recent discussion ellimem thought it prudent to let me know that the girl with me in my avatar must be a hooker, i must not be a real man if i pay for that hooker, my name is spelled wrong, and apparently im stupid. now normally, i wouldnt even bother with this. however, the girl in the picture just happens to not be a hooker, shes my wife. and while an accusation like that infuriates me,in a sense hes correct as anyone whos been married knows that there is that aspect to the relationship. i have not or would i ever get a prostitue. i am happily married.

second, i am aware that my name is spelled wrong as it is the name of my company and an intentional play on words. the original word syndicate means: a group of people united under a common interest. the change in spelling to add the word sin was to signify going against what is considered common practice or the accepted norm. why did my wife and i choose this? we used to work for a company that did the same type of business we do but they were genuinely bad people who constantly broke the law and cared nothing for the people that worked for them. in short, we thought we could do better. we felt our ideas could be more profitable for the company and the employees. so we left and took many of the employees with us.

next he boasted about how smart he was and how apparently i am stupid(i dont agree with his ideas and i accidently double clicked the repl button once). now while im sure thats true, id like to take a minute to enlighten him. there are two types of intelligence, or 'smarts' as he likes to call them. there are booksmarts and there are streetsmarts. now booksmarts is your ability to learn and retain information, and while they may get you an A on your midterm paper, they are somewhat less useful out in the world. streetsmarts are a persons ability to function in normal society, and while they have little use in the classroom, they are nonetheless invaluable in day to day living. is either one more valuable than the other? i would argue no. both have their place. but the most intelligent people possess both as they are a complement to each other.

 he took offense to my comment that "just because you have a big wheelbarrow doesnt mean its not filled with shit." it wasnt an attack at him as much as a statement to make him aware that an iq doesnt make you intelligent or all knowing. it means you have the potential to become intelligent. whatever information you choose to fill your wheelbarrow with is of your own accord. you can use that same intellect to learn physics or memorize baseball stats. 

as for me? i am far from stupid. i just dont parade around my iq and ideas as if i were all knowing and those who dont agree with me are ignorant. i spent my youth in schools for the gifted and talented and when it came time for college i went on  (with a full academic scholarship) and graduated with a degree in computer science. what did i take away from all those years of study? the knowledge that intelligence only gets you so far in this world. success is meant for the hard working.

while i do respect ells right to have his own ideas and opinions, i urge him not to chastise others because we dont agree with him. when he resorts to name calling all he does is show his own ignorance. just because we dont agree doesnt make us stupid, it just means because of our life experiences we have a different view. the country he so professes his love for was founded on our rights to have that view.

now in closing, while i think i have been rather patient with his name calling and ignorant judgement, im relatively sure if my wife knew he called her a hooker shed hunt him down and saw his nuts off. maybe next tim you should reserve your judgements until you have all the pertinent information


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