An explanation to why i have been gone lately.

WARNING:if you do not like cats bottles or milk then avoide this blog. you have been warned.


Well recently this truck driver at my mom's work accidently ran over a cat. This may not seem to be important but the cat was a mother of 3 adorable little kittens. 2 greys and a (tuxedo cat.) well the truck driver went inside and told everyone so everyone went outside and saw the adorable kitties.

So my mother brought a cat home for us to have (it must have slipped her mind that we have an adult cat thats really jealous.) So she brings it home its so young it can see but must still be fed by a bottle. So we  have to pay $15 for a box of kitten formula to give the cat. Well we took the cat to the vet after a couple of days and its a girl and dosent have any diseses. We alredy named it/her houdini <--(it's a girl name right??)

So we are happy but are other cat is pretty jealous and about everynight are adult cat (mittens) keeps trying to kill the kitten. Are cat is just pissed that theres competition in the house now so its been a gurrela war between themfighting for food. and the main reason im writing this blog is because im bored and its my shift to watch the kitten.

Uploaded 09/20/2008
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