an idea

after a request from work,

i came home and watched the video about obama being heckled. The question in part, what was the heckler saying.

I read lips, a bit rusty, but was able to read the guy. Ive actually think would be a good idea to do something with this, but not sure how I would go with it. are there anything without subtitles, in english, that is non audible that you want read?

post link in your own blog or comments down below.

Include the time stamp, of where they said it.

  I'll reply back in what was said, or the general basics. If they use big fancy words, i probably will miss it.

I used to do this alot in football games and other sports, coaches are smart these days and put the clip board over their mouths so they cant be read anymore. I think i'll need plenty of pratice before i do anything to drastic, I dont think there is anybody out there that have put the outakes of political hecklers into a group of videos. I dont think alot of people would care, but then again, who knows.





Your welcome




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