an important message from pascho

i have thought long and hard about the hostilities between our peoples and thought it was time to address our mutual problems. surely a peaceful blog world can be created so we can all live a tranquil blog existence. i know Neko is a 24 hour troll, fixated on ebones and attention, but surely we can all come to a amicable compromise. for instance, maybe the non-trolls could once and a while, stop writing interesting blogs that have real common interest, ones that are not self gratifying or stolen. for the trolls, instead of trolling around looking for negative attention and self worth, maybe sometimes you could leave positive and, well formed arguments on other peoples blogs. step away from your grunting and petty picking, embrace the new golden age of blogdom. as your new leader of the blog section i would like to unite you all.

why, you may ask should i be the new leader? well let me tell you. unlike others i will never give you up, this is my personal promise. i will never let you down. in all my future years as blog king i will never run around or desert you. it is my promise that unlike others, i will never make you cry. i am here for a while, i am not going to say goodbye the first sign of trouble. and most importantly, unlike neko, i am not going to tell lies and hurt you.

so lets rise up brothers and sisters, for your new leader Pascho the magnificent and beautiful and clever and talented and amazing and fantastic is here to unite you all. love me as you would love your newborn child. embrace me with ass licking and troll all my foes. my pascho punch will leave you feeling happy and content. my ass produce smells that match the greatest orchards of italy. Neigh, my multiple accounts will not thumb down your comments and blogs, but give green thumbs to everyone, man woman or not-quite-sures. all shall be happy with my 5 star ratings. all blogs i submit will be original, educated, open-minded and not just for fulfilling my narcissistic needs. so everyone, embrace me as your new leader and happiness will fall upon you all. hail Pascho the magnificent!
Uploaded 08/27/2011
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