An Interesting Situation

Ok so I'm going to write my first blog entry. Probably my last too. Anyway it's actually going to be a real blog about me.

Let me first explain that I'm divorced after two years of marriage. We were young(still am I guess) and were "madly" in love. I thought everything was going great, or at least good. We built a nice house and were financially stable. We had a good "romantic" relationship as well....I thought. I guess she wanted more. She cheated on me with one of her coworkers. So we got divorced. It was fast and easy. She didn't want anything(thank god). No kids, btw.

So about two months has gone by since we split up. She is still dating the guy.(Who has a wife and three kids of his own.) And I always wanted to something to him. Like kick his ass, or trash his car, or kill him...etc. you get the point. So I had been wondering what would happen if I ever ran into him in public. And then one day I did. I went to a restraunt, and was seated across from his booth. I was shocked. My hands started shaking and I didn't know what I would do. I wasn't really prepared for it. I was just so mad and frustated.  Then, just as I was about to get up and spit in his face for starters.(That was all I could think of at the time. I won't lie, he's a fatty that could probably kick MY ass.)...he was already getting seated to a new table. So...I didn't do anything. In my mind it was a small victory. The fact that I made him uncofortable enough to get up and carry his plate elsewhere made me feel a little better. I know a good ass kicking is what the rat-bastard deserves, but I'm just not the violent type. Also the fact that I am the real winner. Thanks to him, all I really lost was a dirty whore of a wife. I have no respect to anyone that is unfaithfull. And now he's stuck with her. I now just wish Herpes on both of them and various other STD's that I'm sure she is collecting from around the local bars.

I was telling all this to my boss today, and he said the thing I should have done was to "honestly be nice to the guy. Shake his hand, say hello, small talk. That will get in his head and totally psychologically mess with him. The last thing you want is to give her a REAL reason to not regret leaving you. Let her see was she is actually missing." And I thought it made sense. Is it really worth getting kicked out of my favorite restraunt for those losers? Is it even worth the bruised knuckles to sock him one in the jaw?  I mean, all I'm doing is already winning. I'm free. And they are both stuck with each other. (And YES honey, you are fat.)(And he's fat and hairy too.)

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