An Introduction

Well I know a few of you know that I got married recently. A lot of you predicted that I would not return because of that fact. Well while I have not left, I did the unexpected.  I brought my wife along with me.  She has an account on here and she made it a short time ago. We were going to see how long until people noticed on here  and then let you all figure it out.....but Identity took it to mean another thing. He was the only one to even come close and we thought that was good enough. I am not the same person as Rocketwhore. My  wife's account is Rock3twhor3.  She wants to post a picture of us on here, and whether I like it or not she may do it anyways. So check out her profile and you may sometime soon see the persons behind the handles.....I still refuse to post pictures of myself on my page, thats just me.  As a consequence of her making an account, right now we are in a dibs war on what to post on here and who gets to write what blog we come up with together. If Go AWOL from this site she has more than likely killed me... So to the community of EBW. Give her a good EBW welcome....I may regret that later, but hey its all in good fun.


Uploaded 11/16/2008
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