An Invitation

Dearest Bloggers,

     There seems to be someone here who can find personal information on thier fellow bloggers. First Eshell said he was hacked. I didn't really believe him at first, but since he's become a decent human being and a pretty cool puppet maker, I have no reason to doubt him. Now I read that HaUmight is getting nasty phone calls and I have no reason to doubt her either. So here it is, black and white.....I invite you, no, I dare you, little hacker, to fuck with me. I know, I know, stupid idea. But I am in a very pissy mood and this will be a fun distraction. I will blog about whatever happens and all I ask is you be man or woman enough to identify yourself to me. I wont give you up in a blog. I personally don't believe you can find me. Once again, if I am wrong, I will totally admit it here, in a blog. Just know this, I can fuck back too.

I am Meatlocker and I say let the fun begin!

Uploaded 01/04/2009
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