An odee to What's her name or Why am I such a baby?

Before I begin I'm going to ask in advance for forgiveness for all grammatical, factual(as if You'd know), or spelling errors. I just had my left knee fixed a few days ago and am a little fuzzy on pain killers, trying to type with a laptop on my elevated leg and listening with one ear to Doctor Dolittle (starring Rex Harrison) with one ear, So you can see there is alot to forgive should I stray.

Lets start at the beginning One of the best quotes ever is when Rex Harrison explains his diet to "stubbins" (the boy in the movie) "One tries to refrain from eating his friends" Sound advice that I think we all should live by!


To the matter of what's her name, She has been a saint during this period, basically waiting on me hand and foot. getting me all my meals, making sure my pillows are fluffed "just so". I Can't say how much I appreciate this. She really is Aces..

This being said i think we should examine how my knee injury occcured in the first place. We bought this house about 5 years ago ( for quite a bit more than it's worth now) with an above ground pool that was buried and had a deck and privacy fence surrounding it. All these accourterments (<is that a word?) were against my better judgement and I stated that all pool/deck/fence work would not be accomplished by me (see Why am I such a baby?) I mean we can afford a pool guy, and as i  have stated in the pastI travel for work and do not have time to devote to many of the traditional "honey do's". This being said the deck had become such a rotten eye sore that even 110# what's her name could not go on it and after attempting to patch it with ply wood and paint, and getting tried of waiting for one of our florida hurricanes to blow it down I decided to tear the deck down and remove the pool. well everything was going gang busters until I missed a step pulliing up some of the planking and wrenched my knee. I did manage to tear down the rest of the deck and haul it all off to the landfill before giving in and seeing the doctor who informed me of the news. and so here I sit.

Back to what's her name. right now she is in the other room playing a game on her computer with one ear tuned to me and my needs. I am one lucky son of a bitch and I gotta say I really love that girl and what she puts up with for me.

I know this is neither witty or funny or sarcastic, but it is how I really feel and I just wanted to get it out.

Let me close by re stating "One tries to refrain from eating one friends"

Thanks for your time


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