An old fart writes....

Not my first Blog entry, but the first for a long while.  The following entry contains examples of lexophillia and polysyllabry that some younger readers may find disturbing - reader discretion is advised.


So why write?  My interests don't extend to discussions of genitalia, caprophagy, beastiality or any other of the practices much beloved of a number of writers here.  My sense of humour left the toilet some quarter of a century ago, and rarely makes excursions back there.  I do not do 'stream of consciousness', and so I decided to put something a little different out there - your opinions are welcome, your half-witted insults expected and obscenities will be treated with pity for the shallow empty characters they illuminate.


I play a number of the Flash games here and occasionally write on their boards.  Note, they are boards not boreds and I find the random trolling something of a plague, generally best treated with active ignorement (not a real word I know, but expresses the act most nicely).  I was recently called a "boring humourless old man" by one troll (no doubt if you have read this far you will realise he has me bang to rights), but since his postings put the anal into banality I was hardly cut to the quick.  Upon re-reading his posts I found myself reminded of the Spitting Image (80's satirical puppet show from the UK) puppet of Pete Townshend, desperately trying to show he was still one of the kids - I may be boring and humourless but at least I don't need to cut and paste my character from song lyrics/ film scripts!


So what to do? A flame war on the boards would be self defeating, so a narcissistic self justification here seemed if not called for, at least satisfying.  I promise next time to make my blog a little less recursive.

Uploaded 06/28/2009
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