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(I'm sure CJ burned it by now.)

I'm flummoxed by a few things here. When I left old eBaums back in November or December, everyone thought the site was shit, Eric Bauman should hang himself or quit, and something needed to be done.

So, I was coerced by my lovely and talented girlfriend (take my word for it) to check in approximately two days after ZVUE did what they did...and suddenly, everyone was running out the door, screaming and crying and up in arms. Why?

If you didn't like the old site, run by Eric Bauman et al, why is this new site, run by Eric Bauman et al, going to be any different? At least, once he gets fat, lazy, and high again?

And why is it that people can get so outraged by one, relatively minor corporate pseudo-wrongdoing but stand by as GM, Ford, and Chrysler rape our nation through their workers, the environment, and now government bailout money?

I have, at least, a partial answer. It is only inferred, but it suits me fine.

See, for the old blog section, if one belonged to the CJ clique, times were good. People who disagreed with you or were mean to you were dealt with by the swift, uneven hand of that charming gal from Minnesota (like it's that hard to decipher, CJ).

Stripped of her power, she lashed out at her new ZVUE masters, eventually claiming the rights to all her media back (even those stolen via the copypasta circuit) and stormed out the door. For a little power.

Now the clique was endangered. Could they survive on their own? Certainly many could; many did for awhile. But enough were chided or scared enough to flee here, and soon the remainder got lonely and came here too.

Don't worry; I'm not one of them--that is, one of you.

I'm happy. At least the few left over at the old site are decent and open-minded--and while it gets slow and weird over in the blogs, it will pick up again. Or not. I'm cool either way.

Here's the thing, though, that I really want you to ask yourselves: Why did you come here? Because of Eric Bauman? Because of selfish power games? Because you needed comforts of power?

I just want you to think about it real hard. Remember: all there is is (this).


Anyway, I thought you guys here might like to read this. If not, let's keep that as a little secret between you and me. Except Wallboy. Everytime he hates something, I get twice the views.

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