an orgasm for god

These catholic famalies are starting to confuse me. mroe then they usually do anyway. You know the ones. Where they have a bunch of kids because they think single celled organisms with a drive are sacred life forms and they wouldn't think of wasting one on purpose, or they just think god wants them to have a bunch of kids. First of all, I have the hardest time believing anyone can reasonably fuck with the purpose of getting pregnant and no other reason. I refuse to believe a man can have an orgasm if he isn't having fun. that seems impossible. But they claim it. they claim they don't have sex for fun. I've seen some people get off to strange things, but getting off to the prospect of childbirth is fucking goofy. I can't picture this: "For the childrennnnn....UGHHHHH... For the ChIlDrEeeennnnnnnn."

If the woman can do it for this reason only, she has my deepest sympathies, because it must be like sandpaper in there thinking about that shit. Ignoring all that nonsense for the moment though, what's sacred about sperm that they can't use some birth control? these people think humans are more sacred then evrything else and that's weird enough, but assuming god favors humans over other animals which I can't see why god would, why is a single cell with a drive sacred? It's potential life, yes, but it's not really alive yet. it's about as alive as a virus or a tumor, and there's nothing sacred about those things is there? the idea that sperm is sacred comes from a very outdated belief that people used to have. they used to figure there were tiny people inside a man and that he was firing off a bunch of tiny people when he ahd an orgasm. I can see why they'd want to protect I can't. But it makes alittle sense maybe. But now we've had a look at what's in there, and indeed there's no tiny people, so why do they still treat them as sacred? they know there's nothing human there, not yet.

Every one of them might be potential life, but it's also potential death. don't forget that every child needs food when it's out here, and that food doesn't fall out of the sky. we produce it. The food that feeds every child born takes away food that would have fed another. if more food is produced, then that is conducive to more breeding, by keeping alive more people to breed and we have the same problem again. so why would any just God want you to have a bunch of children? Does he think your children are more sacred then the children that will starve? does he have a sick sense of humor? does he like seeing people suffer? the only just thing god could want is for you to feed the children that are alive now. If god loves the children we have, then he wants them to eat. so god should be joyous that we have birth control. It reduces the suffering in the world.

Trust me when I say this, the best things you can do for humanity is to not add more to the population. care for the children we have, there's plenty of them that could use some parents. Get over your egomaniacle shit about it having to be your seed and your blood. If you want a child then do the right thing and save one that needs it right now instead of bringing a new one into the world. think of it this way, every child you bring into the world, you know is starving at least one other as I said, and will likely have children of thier own someday, probably more then one or two, who will do the same. your one child has increased the population alittle, and that means more starcation somewhere. by having just one child of your own you're increasing the suffering in the world a great deal. amplify this by every child you have and large families are comitting genocide.

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